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"Interesting target, Captain...A neutral planet!
Since the Rebel uprising neutrality is a act of insolence! A punishable act.
―Maximilian Veers and Firmus Piett[src]

The Raid on Kabal was a Imperial raid commanded by then Captain Firmus Piett and Colonel Maximilian Veers from the bridge of an Imperial-class Star Destroyer that was possibly the Accuser. The Imperial cruiser was tipped off by the Aquaris Freeholders Deputy Commander Kraaken, in an attempt to kill his commanding officer Silver Fyre and take up leadership of the Freeholders and ally them with the Galactic Empire.


Kraaken, secretly alerted the Empire to the conference, resulting to the assault. The strike was commenced on the planet's Capital city, Shoribus to punish the world for it's neutrality, which was considered by the Empire a act of defiance after the Battle of Yavin and to eliminate the Rebels attempting to recruit other Star Systems during the Conference of Uncommitted Worlds most of the populace Evacuated from the city to evade the coming stormtroopers and TIE/sa bombers although it is assumed the civilian casualties were high. Although Kraaken's scheme was foiled when the conference members escaped, including Silver Fyre.


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