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"The Imperial Colonization Board regrets to announce that the Kammia colony, Drynn system, has succumbed to a mysterious virus. At this time, there are no reports of survivors."
Imperial HoloVision news release[src]

During the early years of the Galactic Civil War, the Ssi-ruuvi Imperium raided a number of Imperial outpost worlds along the edge of civilized space, enslaving their Human colonists through a process known as "entechment," as part of a deal struck with Emperor Palpatine, who craved the aliens' technology. One such colony world was Kammia, which the Ssi-ruuk raided in 2 ABY.


When Emperor Palpatine made contact with the alien invaders called the Ssi-ruuk, he made a deal with them: In exchange for their battle droid technology, the invaders were allowed to attack smaller colonies at the edge of colonized space. The Kammia colony in the Drynn system was one of these.[1]

The raidEdit

The Ssi-ruuk raided the planet Kammia.[2]


Since the Empire wanted to keep the presence of the Ssi-ruuk a secret, the Imperial Colonization Board released a cover-up story at 37:4:21, which was published through Imperial HoloVision and Galaxywide NewsNets. According to it, the entire colony succumbed to a "mysterious" virus, that evolved from Chandrilan grain brought to Kammia by the colonists.[1]

Nonetheless, rumors escaped about this and other incidents and spacers whispered about them in the galaxy's cantinas.[2]


Notes and referencesEdit

Ssi-ruuvi invasions
2 BBY: G'rho
0 ABY: B'Knos
2 ABY: Kammia
1 BBY4 ABY: Cattamascar
4 ABY: First Bakura · Second Bakura · Lwhekk · Ssi-ruuk Star Cluster
28 ABY: Battle of Bakura
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