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A raid on Kidriff 5 was conducted by Wraith Squadron and Rogue Squadron in 7 ABY.


Wedge Antilles and Chewbacca flew the Millennium Falsehood to the Warlord Zsinj-allied urban world of Kidriff 5, where they dropped off a pair of New Republic Intelligence Service operatives. Then, the ship left, seeking to attract the attention of Zsinj forces and fool them into believing it was the Millennium Falcon.

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Before the battle, Garik "Face" Loran discovered that pilot Lara Notsil was actually Gara Petothel, a former Imperial Intelligence agent and after TIE fighters run back from battle towards their base for regrouping, he confronted her and placed her under arrest. Petothel complied.


When hearing on public channel about Notsil's true identity, Myn Donos fired proton torpedo towards her starfighter, but detonating it before impact, damaging Garik Loran's X-wing in the process, who was protecting her. Petothel, didn't believing Wraiths could protect her from Donos's attempt to kill her again before facing court martial, jumped to hyperspace.

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