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"That's why the administrator here called, my creator. Someone entered the munitions plant and freed the native workers last night. We believe the slaves simply melted back into the jungle."
―Uleeta's recollections of the event[1]

The Raid on Nilash III was a raid by the Freedom Fleet led by the Jedi Knight Kerra Holt on the Daimanate munitions manufacturing center on Nilash III. The raid succeeded in disrupting munitions production throughout Sith Lord Daiman's realm by depriving him of a cheap and disposable slave labor force and a high-powered laser used for cutting cortosis. Due to the continued resistance posed by Holt to his grip on power within his fiefdom, Daiman ordered his Woostoid aide Uleeta to cover up the incident in exchange for the sale of several transports



"No agent of Odion's would free slaves. Was anything missing?"
"Only a single high-powered laser, my Lord, designed for cutting cortosis. It's hard to see the strategic importance."
―Daiman and Uleeta[1]

Following the Freedom Fleet's successful evacuation from Chelloa following the destruction of its surface by kinetic corruptors, the fleet traveled to Kerra Holt's watery homeworld of Aquilaris. En route, Holt infiltrated the jungle world of Nilash III, a member-world of the Daimanate realm and the site of a munitions plant serving the Sith Lord's war effort. In the dark of night, Kerra succeeded in freeing the native slave laborers, who disappeared into the surrounding jungles. She also stole a high-powered laser used for cutting cortosis and used it to behead Daiman's statues. Following the events on Chelloa, Daiman had ordered all his statues to be coated in cortosis after Kerra had damaged several of them as a gesture of defiance.


"It's a message. To me....She wants me to know -- she exists. She exists—and she's not going away..."
―Lord Daiman reflecting on Kerra Holt's intentions[1]

At dawn, Daiman visited the munitions plant, escorted by his female Woostoid aide Uleeta who governed Nilash III. Due to Kerra's actions, she informed her liege that war production had suffered across the realm. The destruction of Chelloa had deprived the Daimanate of a vital source of baradium, hampering the war effort against his rival Lord Odion and the Galactic Republic. Since this raid was both a political and military victory for enemies of Daiman, the Sith Lord ordered Uleeta to cover up news of Holt's excape from Chelloa and the recent raid in exchange for several transports. Daiman quickly reasoned that Holt was behind the raid since no agent of Odion would free slaves. When he came across a ring of beheaded statues in his likeness, Daiman realized that Holt wanted to tell him that she existed thus challenging his delusional narcissistic cult belief of himself being the Creator of the universe and all other beings being his "created" illusions.


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