"Lieutenant, order all squadrons to attack along the parabola programmed in. They are to stay in tight formation during the initial attack, and to return to the fleet as soon we have pulled within four arc seconds of the return path."
Commodore Bevven[src]

The Raid on Picutorion was part of the Kwymar Suppressions. When Picutorion aligned itself with Rebels in 17 BBY, the Empire responded by attacking the world.


Commodore Bevven was stationed on the planet and in charge of the fleet ant starfighters used in the attack; the ground forces were commanded by High Colonel Drost.[2]

The battleEdit

"We have been monitoring the progress of the offensive and have noted the elements which have actually penetrated the tracking station include two tagged as sensitive."
―ISB agent Mar Barezz[src]

During the assault of a tracking station, an armor battalion of Lieutenant Colonel Tensiger's 6th regiment managed to penetrated the Rebel perimeter despite heated resistance. Imperial troopers, including Captain Ganig and Sergeant Stecker, entered the station but they were attacked by Rebel Y-wings.[2]

Imperial Security Bureau agent Barezz forced Drost to sacrifice Ganig and Stecker in the assault, since both men were suspected Rebel sympathizers, despite being heroes of the Battle of Sagma.[2]

After ten minutes of fight and the death of all the unit in the station, Commodore Bevven launched TIE Fighters to intercept the Y-wings.[2]


After the battle, the remaining Rebels forces tried to evacuate the planet. A Rebel squad was eliminated in Picutorion's spaceport by a stormtrooper unit led by Sergeant Major Beilert Valance.[1]



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