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"There's more to these attacks than simple harassment, Captain. Once this group has told their story, all future convoys from Sarka will demand upgraded protection. Enough such attacks, and the Rebellion will face the choice of either tying up large numbers of its ships with escort duty or effectively abandoning cargo shipment through these border sectors."
Grand Admiral Thrawn to Captain Pellaeon[src]

During the series of harassment raids launched by Grand Admiral Thrawn against New Republic convoys, Thrawn's forces attacked one at Sarka.


Chimaera Sarka system

The Chimaera in the Sarka system.

Before launching his main offensive, by using the Katana fleet and clones from Wayland, Grand Admiral Thrawn launched series of attacks against convoys in border systems. Thrawn tried to politically weaken the New Republic by opposing the Core systems and the farther ones. He also hoped to disperse all the New Republic ships in all the galaxy.

The BattleEdit

Grand Admiral Thrawn deployed his TIE Fighters in the Sarka system before the arrival of the New Republic ships. When the freighters arrived and identified the Imperial Star Destroyer, they launched three squadron of A-wings. Unsuited for escort missions, the A-wings were quickly destroyed by the Imperial starfighters. The frigate was easily neutralized by the turbolasers of the Chimaera.


Grand Admiral Thrawn destroyed all the fighters and defenses of the convoy but let the freighter escape to report the attack. Thrawn thought that this tactical error by the use of A-wings by the New Republic officers was one the consequences of the arrest of Admiral Gial Ackbar.



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