The Raid on Talasea occurred in 6 ABY when a Stormtrooper unit of the Galactic Empire attacked the New Republic starfighter squadron Rogue Squadron's base on the planet Talasea.


Placed in charge of eliminating Rogue Squadron by former Director of Imperial Intelligence Ysanne Isard, former Imperial Liaison to Corellia Kirtan Loor analyzed the last attacks of the squadron, including the battles of Hensara III and Chorax, and deduced that the Rogue base must have been on Talasea.

The Raid[]

Stormtroopers initially landed on the planet using a Delta-class DX-9 stormtrooper transport. The Stormtroopers began the operation by discreetly eliminating the six sentries, including Pirgi and Carter. Once the sentries had been dealt with, they entered the base and began planting bombs throughout the base.

Once inside, they killed Rogue Squadron pilot Lujayne Forge while she was asleep. Corran Horn, a Force-sensitive pilot in Rogue Squadron, woke up sensing something was wrong. After leaving his room, he encountered and killed one Stormtrooper, while fellow Rogue Ooryl Qrygg killed another. Qrygg and Horn considered raising an alarm, to alert others to the infiltration, but decided against it, as any alarm would send pilots running unarmed towards stormtroopers which were waiting in the hangar. Instead of raising an alarm, they began heading for the flight center, stopping to wake fellow Rogues Gavin Darklighter and Riv Shiel. After a brief firefight, in which Darklighter was wounded, Horn encountered Nawara Ven, a fellow Rogue, and ordered him to stay and help the injured Darklighter. Horn sprinted to the hangar and arrived to find a firefight already in progress. He located a cluster of stormtroopers, and threw a grenade into the group, before charging in and eliminating several more troopers, though he was injured in the process. The bombs that had been planted by the stormtroopers were found and disarmed.


After the battle, Admiral Ackbar arrived to oversee the evacuation of the base and to also encourage the remaining Rogues, who were very affected by the death of Forge. After the evacuation, New Republic forces left several traps in the base, several of which were tripped when Imperial forces investigated the base in the aftermath of the raid.



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