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"Well, what do we have here? A couple of Azzameen punks. It's time we settle some hash."
―Viraxo forces call out the Azzameens as they approach Viraxo 54[1]

This raid on the orbital shipping platform Viraxo 54, owned by Viraxo Industries and in place over the planet Denbo, took place around 3 ABY. The raid was performed by the Azzameen family following an attempted sabotage of the family's cargo fields. The Azzameens attempted to smuggle a cargo container of illegal spice into the facility, then prompt a visit from local Galactic Empire forces; the Azzameens hoped that this visit and discovery of the illicit substance would strain ties between the Viraxo and their Imperial allies, in turn damaging the Viraxo shipping company and allowing Twin Suns Transport Services, an Azzameen-owned rival company to the Viraxo, to expand their own business.

However, due to unfortunate timing, the raid was unsuccessful. While the Azzameen YT-1300 Selu, masquerading as a Viraxo-friendly craft and responsible for delivering the spice, awaited docking clearance, the Azzameen ships responsible for drawing Imperial attention entered the system and cast suspicion over the Selu's presence. Eventually, Viraxo 54 grew wise to the the plan and disabled the vulnerable freighter, forcing its pilot, Aeron Azzameen, to request extraction from her brother's ship. Though the Azzameens managed to inflict some damage on Viraxo assets, the Imperials were not disinclined to continue working with the Viraxo; indeed, the Azzameens' actions against the Viraxo, combined with continued support of the Alliance to Restore the Republic, served to incite the Imperialization of their home and business.


Following an attempted sabotage against the Azzameen family's cargo fields by their company's rival shipping company Viraxo Industries—the attempted sabotage was itself spurred by continued incidents between Viraxo and Azzameen forces; specifically, Azzameen interference in an attempted Viraxo raid on Harlequin StationAntan Azzameen, co-owner of the Azzameen family business Twin Suns Transport Services, developed a plan to strike back against the Viraxo. Under the guise of one of the Viraxo's regular suppliers, the Azzameens would deliver a cargo container filled with contraband spice that the Viraxo had previously used in their sabotage attempt. The Azzameens would then attract the attention of a local Imperial force, which, upon the routine inspection which followed raids, would find the container of illicit substances in the Viraxo assets. Antan expected that this would create strain between Viraxo and their allies in the Galactic Empire; this strain would weaken Viraxo Industries, allowing the expansion of Twin Suns Transport Services.[1]

The raid[]

Antan enlisted the help of his niece Aeron Azzameen and her brothers Ace and Emon. After she installed fake transponder codes to disguise the family's YT-1300 light freighter Selu as the regular Viraxo supplier Venix, Aeron piloted the light freighter, container of spice in tow, to Viraxo Industries' Cargo Facility 1 Viraxo 54 in orbit around the planet Denbo. She was still waiting to release the cargo when her brothers—Emon in his Firespray-31-class craft Andrasta and Ace, along with droid copilot MK-09, in another family YT-1300 freighter Sabra—entered the system. Noting the intruders, Viraxo 54 sent its complement of Razor-class starfighters to intercept the Azzameen craft.[1]

The arrival of the Azzameen brothers was poorly timed, however; Aeron's craft, still in line to drop the container, was facing increased scrutiny as the Sabra and Andrasta continued to dogfight the Viraxo ships. She had identified the craft ahead of her in line as the Enkidu, a Viraxo Pursuer-class enforcement ship that was involved in several altercations with the Azzameens, including planting the spice in the Azzameen container. While her brothers were eager to engage the Enkidu, Aeron's cover was growing thin; in an effort to escape suspicion, she moved to escape the system, citing the attack underway. Viraxo 54 ordered her to cease her exit, and, when she did not comply, ordered one of the starfighters to disable the fleeing YT-1300.[1]

At some point, the Viraxo station informed the Empire that they required assistance; MK-09 estimated less than 5 minutes remained before their arrival and the identification of the Azzameens. Aeron, now stranded in the disabled Selu, radioed Emon for pickup, as Ace destroyed various containers and freighters scattered about the station's exterior. Once Aeron was safely aboard the Andrasta,[1] Ace moved to destroy the Selu in an effort to mask the Azzameens' involvement in the raid before moving to the exit himself. He left just as an Imperial force, consisting of the Victory II-class Star Destroyer Intruder and its complement of TIE/LN starfighters, entered the system to investigate.[2]


Though the Azzameens did deliver the spice container, managed to destroy some of the Viraxo's assets, and destroyed the link back to their family, the Viraxo suspected Azzameen involvement nonetheless and tensions increased between the two companies. Eventually, in repayment for the Azzameen sabotage at Denbo, the Viraxo contacted their Imperial allies to report the Azzameens;[1] this lead to the eventual battle at the Alliance XQ2 Platform Hospital, the Imperialization of Azzameen assets, and Ace's enlisting in the Alliance Starfighter Corps where he became on of their top pilots and flew many campaigns against Imperial forces.[2]



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