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New Republic forces raided the space station Yag-prime in the Yag'Dhul system to retake a large supply of bacta which had been seized by Warlord Zsinj.


The stolen bacta was transported to Yag-prime, an Empress-class space station orbiting Yag'Dhul. The New Republic was covertly informed of this by Qlaern Hirf, an Ashern member who had been aboard one of the captured bacta freighters. Based on his information, the New Republic sent Rogue Squadron and Defender Wing to eliminate the station's defenses, and a group of assault shuttles and freighters to seize the station and retrieve the bacta.

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Yag battle

When the eleven X-wings of Rogue Squadron and the twenty-four Y-wings of Champion and Warden Squadrons emerged from hyperspace, four TIE/LN starfighters were on patrol. Commander Wedge Antilles split off four of his X-wings to engage them, while the other fighters attacked the station to draw out its remaining eight TIE fighters and twelve TIE/IN interceptors.

Shortly afterward, the B-wings of Guardian Squadron dropped out of hyperspace and made short work of the TIEs. Seven TIEs got hit with ion cannons, and another four of the TIE fighters surrendered, and their mercenary pilots were taken aboard the Pulsar Skate to serve as an escort for the bacta convoy. Seventeen other freighters collected the bacta, and the convoy made its way to Coruscant.


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