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The Galactic Empire launched a scouting raid on Yavin 4 just prior to the Battle of Yavin.


A legion of stormtroopers were sent to Yavin 4 to confirm a Rebel presence and to gain a foothold on the planet, prior to the main assault by the approaching Death Star.

The battleEdit

While Rebel defensive forces set up laser turrets and command areas in a temple on one side of the Massassi Fighting Arena, Imperial squads quickly secured the east overlook inside the square arena. Stormtroopers then rushed down to the ground of the arena and engaged the Rebels in the maze of channels. Reinforcements for both sides poured in through tunnels into the arena as the Empire took the arena floor.

Rebels defending their overlook command center fired down on the Imperial troops, taking several casualties. After several minutes, the Empire rushed up to the west overlook, blasted the anti-infantry turret and captured the area.

While the heat of battle was in the fighting arena, Imperial scout troopers stealthily advanced around the perimeter of the ancient stadium and were able to capture the opposite vehicle post. The other Imperials were easily able to raid the arena from any side, a quick defeat consequently meeting the doomed Rebels.

The last obstacle was the small temple that the Rebels had reinforced with two turrets and a squad of Rebel combat speeders, some of which were under fire from AT-STs which had advanced on either side of the arena. Stormtroopers suddenly attacked through the tunnel and tall stairways from the arena, coming in a devastating wave at the Rebels, who were soon obliterated.


This base would later be deserted during the Battle of Yavin, when all Imperials had withdrawn to the Death Star. Several attempts at establishing a foothold following that confrontation were routed out by Rebels. After the Evacuation of Yavin, the arena was abandoned for good.[source?]

Behind the scenesEdit

"We have intelligence that indicates the Rebels are on Yavin 4. I want you to take an expeditionary force to the system and confirm the presence of the Alliance base."
―Emperor Palpatine briefing the player before the mission[src]

The raid appears in the 2004 video game Star Wars: Battlefront.


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