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Nine months after the Battle of Yavin, the Alliance to Restore the Republic raided an Imperial cargo convoy near the planet Per Lupelo.

A crime organization on the planet Per Lupelo had learned of an Imperial cargo convoy passing close by and were preparing to hijack it. However, a spy within the syndicate tipped off the Rebel Alliance, which sent a group of Limpet ships supported by X-wings to intercept the convoy. This marked the first use of the Limpet ships.

The X-wings eliminated the TIE escort, leaving the cargo ships all but defenseless. The Rebel operatives Able and Basso led a team of SpecForce Marines into one of the cargo ships, using the Limpet's connect-and-slice arms. The boarders captured the ship's crew and gained its cargo for the Rebellion.

Soon, the other three cargo ships were captured as well, and the Alliance was victorious.


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