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Circa 20 BBY,[2] during the time of the Clone Wars, the Chevin slaver Phylus Mon led an incursion into the abandoned Sith fortress on the planet Almas. Mon sought to both recover the secrets of the creation of Sith battlelords and to perform repairs to the Darkstaff, an ancient Sith artifact entrusted to his care by the criminal Len Markus, and accompanied by his Dark Jedi ally Karae Nalvas and several of his minions, Mon attacked six Jedi Knights who had been stationed to stand guard outside the fortress. The Chevin and his associates killed four of the Jedi, Tresten Agai'i, K'kur, Milak Sonloam and Vorlocca, and took the other two guardians—the Tarasin Constanten and the Skrilling Valiri—as captives. Mon then made his way into the depths of the fortress and recovered a tome that detailed the rituals through which battlelords could be created.[1]

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