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"Ready the flank. Engage the power generators, and go for their fuel reserves."
―Kragan Gorr to his crew[src]

During the era of the New Republic, the pirate Kragan Gorr and his gang used a low-visibility storm, which were codenamed "triple darks," to launch an raid on the Colossus refueling station on behalf of their employers, the First Order. The Ace Squadron, the platform's defenders, fought well, but were ultimately outnumbered by the pirates. Their victory was secured, however, when Resistance spy Kazuda Xiono covertly broadcast a grating feedback loop over the pirates' communications channel, preventing them from coordinating their attack. Xiono's contribution to the Colossus' defense went unheralded, as among the Aces, only Torra Doza suspected there had been another factor in the victory beyond their skills, and Xiono's boss Jarek Yeager didn't believe Xiono when he tried to tell him about it.

Prelude[edit | edit source]

The First Order, preparing for their planned war against the New Republic, became interested in using the Colossus, a refueling platform on the ocean planet Castilon, as a staging area. Commander Pyre suggested they hire pirates to attack the station in order to force its owner, Captain Imanuel Doza, to seek First Order protection. As a result, Kragan Gorr and his gang were hired.[3]

Meanwhile, the Resistance had recently sent a spy, Kazuda Xiono, to the Colossus on a mission on the platform. Xiono had a cover as a mechanic with Team Fireball, working at Jarek Yeager's repair shop.[3]

Prior to the attack, Gorr sent in a spy, Hallion Nark, to investigate conditions on the Colossus, including whether or not there would be a heavy storm, or "triple dark" in Colossus parlance, to serve as cover. Nark chose to have his ship repaired by Team Fireball, claiming to be in a hurry, but was not impressed by the alleged professionals when the inexperienced Xiono accidentally caused a loud feedback loop and shocked his co-worker, Neeku Vozo.[3]

The repair job was slower than Nark would have liked, as Xiono took longer than expected to get parts due to a poor attempt at locating First Order spies and a run-in with a con-man, Grevel, who felt Xiono owed him money from a scam he had tricked him into his first day on the Colossus. While installing a part on Nark's ship, Xiono overheard him talking on his comlink with Gorr, mentioning that they were on for a triple dark and addressing Gorr as "Kragan." The obviously covert nature of the conversation made Xiono suspicious. After the work was done, Xiono accidentally caused Nark to lose his comlink down a crack in the floor by slapping him on the back.[3]

The attack[edit | edit source]

"Let's trash this place."
―Synara San to the other pirates[src]

After Nark had left, Xiono was sitting outside on one end of the Colossus with BB-8 when he was advised by a station worker to get inside because of the approaching triple dark, and upon being told what the phrase meant and that pirates liked to use such storms as cover, realized that Nark had been working with pirates and there was going to be an attack. He attempted to head for Yeager's shop and warn everyone, but was accosted by Grevel, who wanted Xiono's valuable aurodium trophy as payment for the amount of credits Xiono supposedly owed him, just as the attack began.[3]

Gorr and his co-pilot, Synara San, led the attack in their ship, flanked by the pirates' various starfighters. As a result, the Colossus' defenses were activated, and the Ace Squadron was scrambled, while the platform's residents were ordered to get to shelters. After briefly getting flung into the air and onto Gorr's ship, Xiono and Grevel fell back onto the platform, and rushed to get inside a door that BB-8 opened for them. Xiono, after getting inside, used his trophy to brace the door so the diminutive Aleena could get in, partially crushing it in the process. Xiono and BB-8 then headed for Yeager's shop.[3]

The Aces fought the pirates well, but were clearly outnumbered by them, which Xiono noticed when he reached Yeager's shop. Remembering Nark's comlink, he had an idea, and retrieved it from the crack in the floor with BB-8's help. He then broadcast loud, unpleasant feedback over the pirates' communications channel, throwing off their starfighter pilots and preventing them from speaking to each other, forcing Gorr to call a retreat as the Aces held the advantage.[3]

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

When the rest of Team Fireball returned to their hangar from a shelter, they found Xiono working on the Fireball, which he claimed to have been doing for the entire attack. Xiono told Yeager about what he had done in helping repel the attack, but was not believed. Among the Aces, Freya Fenris believed that the five pilots' skill had been enough to drive off the attack, but Torra Doza had doubts, correctly suspecting there was another factor in the victory.[3]

When Gorr and his gang reported to their First Order employers, Major Elrik Vonreg and Captain Phasma, he promised that Nark would be properly punished for his tactical error of losing his comlink. Vonreg and Phasma were both unimpressed by the results, and Phasma expressed skepticism with Pyre's idea.[3] Vonreg later visited the Colossus while delivering a fuel shipment and met with Captain Doza. During the meeting, he cited danger from pirate attacks, and that pirates were becoming better-equipped, as a reason why Doza should place the Colossus under the First Order's protection.[2]

Gorr and his gang would later have an opportunity to infiltrate the Colossus practically fall into their laps, courtesy of a disastrous raid. San led members of the gang in raiding a Darius G-class freighter in an asteroid field near Castilon. However, a Kowakian ape-lizard, enormous and resistant to blaster fire, was set loose on the starship, and it began eating the pirates. San only survived by locking herself in a crate, where she fell unconscious. Resistance pilot Commander Poe Dameron and Xiono, flying T-70 X-wing starfighters in the asteroid field on an informal training mission, picked up the freighter's distress signal and investigated. They and their droids, BB-8 and CB-23, found San and mistakenly assumed her to be one of the freighter's crew. They rescued her and took her back to Castilon, where Xiono and Yeager flew her to the Colossus on a shuttle. Once alone, San contacted Gorr and told him of her location, receiving orders to blend in until the time was right.[5] Her presence on the platform later allowed Gorr and his gang to launch a successful second attack on the platform.[6]

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