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"To continue, we need one singular vision. My vision."
"Brother, let us share our strength. There is no need for dominance between us."
" Always two there are, my brother. A master, and an apprentice. And you are the apprentice.
―Darth Maul and Savage Opress[src]

A raid was conducted by Darth Maul and his brother Savage Opress over the planet Cybloc in 20 BBY against the InterGalactic Banking Clan.


Darth Maul, a fallen Sith apprentice, resurfaced in 20 BBY with the help of his brother, Savage Opress.[4]. Maul and Opress committed various acts of violence and sabotage throughout the Outer Rim with the help of his brother. This included the murder of two Jedi, Finn Ertay and a Nikto, at a spaceport.[1]

The raidEdit

"Intruders! You are trespassing on InterGalactic..."
―LD-112, cut off by Maul's attack[src]

Darth Maul impales SD-357

Seeking to acquire the finances, Maul and Opress infiltrated a space station of the InterGalactic Banking Clan[5] in orbit of Cybloc. After cutting the power, the security droids on patrol went into full alert, scanning the permiter for intruders; unit SD-357 scouted the south passage, where it was thrown to the floor and impaled by Maul, alerting the other droids. Maul lifted the head security droid with the force while Savage lifted two others, throwing them against the wall and destroying them, which was quickly followed by the destruction of the leader droid.[1]

The two discovered a large sum of credits hidden inside of a vault in the main office chamber. While Opress was entranced by their new apparent wealth, Maul reminded him that it was only a means to an end in their cause: the Jedi were hunting them, and they would be forced to defend themselves. Maul sought to build an underworld backing, using the credits to hire soldiers. Maul also asserted his authority as master over Opress, citing specifically the master/apprentice format of the Sith Rule of Two. Opress had hoped that as brothers the two would abandon the traditional Sith hierarchy; angrily, he challenged Maul to combat. Maul easily overcame him and pinned him to the floor with one of his robotic legs, and the two quickly got back on terms. The two managed to escape by stealing Morlimur Snugg's ship.[1]


"What were they? Couple of Jedi gone rogue or something?"
―Warehouse supervisor[src]

Galia and Kenobi investigate the incident

The Jedi Masters Obi-Wan Kenobi and Adi Gallia were sent to Cybloc to investigate the strange attack. The warehouse supervisor of the station verified the identity of the assailants, albeit believing they were rogue Jedi. The supervisor explained that the two headed in the direction of the Sertar sector; Kenobi naturally connected this with the planet Florrum, the headquarters of the Hondo Ohnaka pirate empire. Maul and Opress planned to use their wealth to sway the pirate army into joining their cause.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

The raid on the Cybloc transfer station appeared in the first episode of the fifth season of The Clone Wars TV series; on the very first scenes of the episode. Before the episode was shown, Star release the clip of the raid on the transfer station.



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