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"Why spread our forces thin to hit all the camps at once?"
"If we only go after a few, the Flesh Raiders could warn the rest and regroup."
―The Padawan and Orgus Din[src]

During the Flesh Raider uprising on Tython during the Cold War, the apprentice of Jedi Master Orgus Din assaulted a Flesh Raider camp in the Forsaken Den, a cave near the ruins of the temple-city Kaleth in an attempt to drive the natives out of the area. After a successful raid on the Flesh Raider command base by a Jedi strike force, the Jedi Order learned of a great number of Flesh Raider camps across the planet. The Order mobilized all available Jedi on the world to eliminate the natives' war camps in a series of simultaneous strikes, and Din's apprentice was sent to eliminate a camp in the cave system known as the Forsaken Den near Kaleth. There, the Padawan found a wounded Selkath Jedi named Laotah, who before his death warned the apprentice of the Force-sensitive Flesh Raiders within. The young Jedi proceeded to defeat the natives within, and was forced to return to Kalikori village when Din received a distress call.


"At the Flesh Raider command base, I found coordinates to a number of secret camps—too many to send only Jedi Masters. One base is in the ruins of Upper Kaleth. That patrol you fought earlier was based there. Now's your chance to finish them off."
―Orgus Din[src]

In 3643 BBY,[4] near the end of the Cold War between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire, the native Flesh Raiders of the Jedi Order's homeworld of Tython began attacking in greater numbers. The Order had recently discovered that the former Padawan of Jedi Master Orgus Din, the Nautolan Bengel Morr—who had vanished during the Sacking of Coruscant over ten years previously—was the mastermind behind the Flesh Raiders' invasion.[5] After a successful raid on the Flesh Raider command base, Din and the other Jedi had learned of the locations of several other camps. Since there were not enough Masters to attack them all, Din sent his Padawan to destroy a camp in the ruins of the ancient temple of Kaleth.[1]

Around the time of the raid on the command base, a Selkath Jedi named Laotah who had been stationed at the Jedi Temple noticed Flesh Raider activity on security cameras[3] left by Din's apprentice on an earlier mission near Kaleth,[5] and decided to investigate. Traveling to the ruins, Laotah entered the cave system known as the Forsaken Den, where the natives had last been seen. However, the Selkath did not know that the Flesh Raiders had established a stronghold within the Den, or that they were Force-sensitive. Using the dark side of the Force, the natives attacked Laotah and brutally beat him, with one of them taking his lightsaber. Fatally injured, Laotah crawled back to the cave entrance.[3]

The raid[]

«Padawan… turn back. Leave this place—leave me. I am dying.»

The Forsaken Den

Fighting through the ancient war droids that guarded the ruins, Din's Padawan entered the Forsaken Den mere minutes after Laotah reached the cave entrance. Speaking in his native tongue, the Selkath warned the apprentice to turn around and leave—the Flesh Raiders within could use the Force, and they were far more powerful than the Order knew. With his final breath, the Selkath warned the young Jedi that one of the Flesh Raiders had taken his lightsaber.[3]

However, what Laotah did not know was that the apprentice had already faced and defeated some of the Force-wielding natives from the camp.[5] Despite Laotah's warning, the Padawan promised to recover Laotah's lightsaber and continued into the Forsaken Den. Fighting through almost a dozen Force-wielding Flesh Raiders, the Padawan defeated the natives and confronted the Flesh Raider who wielded Laotah's lightsaber. But like the Dark Jedi Callef, the Flesh Raider's use of a lightsaber was not enough to defeat the young Jedi, and the native fell in combat.[3]


"The Flesh Raider camp's out of commission, Master—but they were all Force users. They killed a Jedi named Laotah. His body is in these ruins. What should I do?"
"We'll reclaim our fallen later. Just got a distress call from the Twi'lek settlement. They spotted Bengel Morr!"
―The Padawan reports the successful mission to Din[src]

Leaving the cave, the Padawan contacted Master Din and reported the destruction of the camp and Laotah's death. However, Din did not have time to discuss anything further—he had just received a distress call from Kalikori, saying that they had just seen Bengel Morr. Since the rest of the Jedi were dealing with the other Flesh Raider camps, Din and his apprentice were the only ones who were close enough to address the problem of Morr. He ordered the Padawan to travel to the village as quickly as possible, while the Jedi Master raced to the village to confront his former Padawan.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

The raid on the Forsaken Den appears in Star Wars: The Old Republic, a massively multiplayer online role-playing game released by BioWare on December 20, 2011. The raid represents the events of the Jedi Knight class story mission "Dark Temptations," in which the player is sent to eliminate a Flesh Raider base in a cave in the ruins of Kaleth. Within the Forsaken Den—the class story phase in which the mission occurs—there are a total of twelve Flesh Raiders, including the Bladewielder.[3] Defating ten of them fulfills the bonus mission "Scars of the Dark Side."[6] However, there are no dark side or light side options within the quest.[3]


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