"We've traced the holocron to the Imperial Museum there. Chances are the Emperor is storing it there in his private collection until he can transport it to a more secure site."
Tyber Zann[src]

The theft's main objective was to steal the The Raid on the Imperial Archive was a museum heist led by Tyber Zann to steal the access codes for the Eclipse.


"Thanks to spies I have planted in the Rebellion, we know that both the Emperor and Vader are in the Endor system. That means that Coruscant is open."
―Tyber Zann[src]

The theft's main objective was to steal the access codes for the Eclipse and escape in a stolen Juggernaut. It would take Zann and two of his cohorts to deactivate the security systems to open several blast doors leading directly to the safe. Tyber Zann would destroy the controls for the first two blast doors so he could advance. Urai Fen would then destroy security nodes to open two more blast doors and deactivate any remaining security systems. Meanwhile, Silri would wait in the Juggernaut to drive them away past a series of rocket based turrets.

The theftEdit

"It has been a long time since I had a challenging opponent. Do not disappoint me."
Urai Fen to one of Palpatine's Force Adepts[src]

The plan was sprung into action. Zann went in by bribing an Imperial officer who he later killed. He then took no time to bribe some of the stormtroopers in order to open a blast door near him and kill their fellow troopers. He then met three Imperial Force Adepts. However, he was able to quickly incapacitate all of them. He moved on to destroy several door controls allowing him and Urai to move on. Silri, who was becoming impatient, sensed the Sith holocron Bossk had stolen from them. She was attacked by a Force Adept, who she killed. Silri went on the move, summoning her rancor, Cuddles, and followed her senses. She went on to destroy several turrets and many Emperor's royal guards. She grabbed the Sith holocron, and moved back to the Juggernaut only to be attacked by a handful of dark troopers, who she believed were deactivated. Meanwhile, Urai activated all doors. He killed several Force Adepts and destroyed the remaining nodes and ran back to Tyber Zann. Elsewhere, Silri's rancor made short work of all the dark troopers and along with Zann and Fen, the Nightsister fled.

Outside, Zann called three MDUs to support his attacks. There he was attacked by many more Phase III dark troopers, which he was able to defeat with the MDU's sensor scramblers and rocket pods. The trio went into the vault, stole the codes and then arrived through another blast door to encounter a Master Force Adept. An MDU arrived and constructed a ysalamiri cage to disable the Adept's power to teleport and then kill him.

Running back to the Juggernaut, they used its point laser defense system to breach through the doors and make their escape.


"With the Emperor dead, the Empire will be in chaos. Most of the ships from the Kuat blockade were shifted to Endor for the battle, but they'll be back to regroup. The time is now people! We need to take control of the Eclipse."
―Tyber Zann[src]

The passcodes left the Eclipse open to attack, and the Holocron would later prove to lead to a hidden Sith army of Sith troopers.



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