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In 3631 BBY Kaliyo Djannis and the Commander of the Alliance that opposed Zakuul raided the Overwatch command center that ran most of the droids in the Spire, the capital city of the Eternal Empire. Kaliyo obtained the Overwatch access codes through her fan Alianna Slen, daughter of the Overwatch Administrator Tayvor Slen. Tayvor himself had a crush on Kaliyo and provided her lodgings and protection in exchange for her avoiding major targets, and Kaliyo viewed the raid as her opportunity to pay him back for humiliation. When her order for high-yield explosives from the Lady of Sorrows fell through, Kaliyo asked the Alliance Commander who rescued her from skytroopers to assist in her mission, promising complete schematics of the Spire from the Overwatch in return. Together, they rigged ion grenades into several Power Junctions in the Spire, then detonated them at once, taking down Overwatch security scanners and force fields, allowing them to walk right in. Kaliyo and the Commander fought their way through skytroopers and Knights of Zakuul to the droid control room, where Kaliyo planted her explosives while the Commander downloaded the Spire's schematics. Tayvor Slen arrived with a skytrooper escort to stop them, but was defeated and mortally wounded. Kaliyo intended to not only shut down the droids, but also set off explosives around the Spire, then the two escaped the Overwatch, traveling to the Alliance base on Odessen.

Prelude[edit | edit source]

Kaliyo obtains Overwatch access data from Alianna Slen

In 3634 BBY the former anarchist Kaliyo Djannis arrived on Zakuul and began bombing civilian and military targets, seeking to bring down Zakuul's "perfect" society. For many Zakuulans, sheltered from dangers their entire life, those acts of destruction were less of a terrorism and more a source of thrills, which led to Kaliyo attracting a significant following among the locals, who called her "Firebrand". However, no matter how much damage she caused, the droids that serviced the Spire always repaired the damage and Kaliyo over time eventually became lazy. Overwatch administrator Tayvor Slen convinced Kaliyo to bomb only unmanned targets, allowing Zakuulans a harmless outlet for their darker urges, in exchange for providing Kaliyo lodgings and protection from skytroopers. Kaliyo initially agreed, but after the Commander was released from carbonite and caused a mass blackout during the escape, she became inspired by the fear that spread and resumed her terrorist activities. Kaliyo began planting bombs throughout the city, while also obtaining the Overwatch access data though Tayvor's daughter Alianna Slen, who was one of her fans. Kaliyo also placed an order for high-yield explosives from the Lady of Sorrows, arranging to pick them up at an abandoned tram station in Zakuul's Old World. However, at the meeting spot Kaliyo was attacked by Skytroopers led by Security Commander Towen Sor and was only rescued by the arrival of the Outlander, accompanied by Theron Shan, who dispatched the attackers and approached Kaliyo with an offer to join the Alliance against the Eternal Empire. Kaliyo agreed to consider the offer if the Outlander would aid her in sabotaging the droids running the Spire.[2]

The raid[edit | edit source]

Kaliyo explained that her goal was to hit the Overwatch and disable controls for the droids that ran the city, where the Outlander could obtain the complete schematics of the Spire. Together, Kaliyo and the Outlander rigged ion grenades into Old World and Breaktown Power Junctions 353, 754 and K-H82. After defeating Overwatch security personnel Zaamsk and Faedral, the two went to Kaliyo's apartment and detonated all three junctions at once during the power grid cycle, which knocked down the Overwatch security. They then traveled to Overwatch in Kaliyo's speeder and stormed the facility, defeating Knights of Zakuul and skytroopers along the way. Eventually they reached the droid control room, where Kaliyo planted her explosives at the controls while the Outlander downloaded the Spire's schematics. Administrator Tayvor Slen arrived with the skytroopers and attempted to stop them, but was defeated and mortally wounded during the fight. Kaliyo then revealed to the Outlander that she intended to not only shut down the droids, but also set off dozens of explosives around the Spire that would cause a mass panic and throw the Spire into chaos.[2]

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

Kaliyo traveled with the Outlander to the Alliance base on the planet Odessen, where she joined the Alliance and promised to participate in any significant missions in the future. The data obtained during Overwatch raid was later used by SCORPIO to reveal the existence of the GEMINI frequency, by the means of which Eternal Emperor Arcann controlled the Eternal Fleet.[3]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

In the Dark Side option, Kaliyo watches as her bombs are expldoing one by one

During Knights of the Fallen Empire Chapter X: Anarchy in Paradise, the player has the option to stop Kaliyo from detonating her bombs for Light Side points, or either detonate the bombs themselves or let Kaliyo do it for Dark Side points. This choice causes massive civilian casualties and can have far-reaching consequences, potentially causing Koth Vortena and his crew to abandon the Alliance and later steal the Gravestone.

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Notes and references[edit | edit source]

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