The Raid on the Research convoy was a battle fought during the Galactic Civil War near the XQ6 Platform Research, in the Parmel system.


With the TIE Defender prototypes safely being delivered to Coruscant despite Rebel interference at Vinzen Neela 5. Admiral Zaarin could now proceed with his new beam weapon that would be installed on a starfighter. Believing that there was still a spy in his station he took no chances and had an Assault Gunboats squadron, one of which piloted by Maarek Stele ready to rendezvous with the convoy.


The convoy consisting of two BFF-1 bulk freighters Anterab and Degathem escorted by Delta-class JV-7 escort shuttle, Omicron 5 arrived to deliver the shipment to freighter Docking Plt. Soon afterwards 6 X-wings arrived and the Gunboats engaged. However, 5 B-wings and two Assault transports Storm carrying commandos arrived with the intention of disabling and capturing the freighters.

The station personnel then discovered that the B-wings were using a new type of warhead. wanting to examine it they ordered Maarek Stele to disable one of the B-wings, Stele complied and succeeded in disabling one of them so that Heavy Lifter U3f14 could be launched and bring it to Research. While this happened the Rebels managed to disable freighter Anterab. However, Stele, with the help of his fellow pilots managed to defeated the Rebel assault, destroying both transports and eliminating both starfighter squadrons.

When the commotion died down stormtrooper transport U-3f7 arrived to repair the disabled freighter, and Heavy Lifter docked with the disabled B-wing to take it back to Research. Soon 3 A-wings arrived but were destroyed quickly before they could do any damage.


The Rebel's element of surprise with the Mag Pulse warhead was lost. Zaarin's research team studied the B-wing's warheads and discovered that they were developed by Galactic Electronics in the Corporate Sector. This was considered Treason and Zaarin decided to capture it.

Behind the scenesEdit

The battle appears in the 1994 PC game Star Wars: TIE Fighter. It is Battle 6 mission 3.


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