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"The chief's dead. They're all dead. What were those things?"

In 3643 BBY, during the Sith Lord Darth Angral's personal war against the Galactic Republic amid the Cold War between the Republic and the reconstituted Sith Empire, a number of Mark II Power Guards—advanced cybernetically-augmented supersoldiersattacked a safe house on the moon Nar Shaddaa. The safe house belonged to the Republic Strategic Information Service, and the Power Guards had been sent by the Sith Lord Sadic, who had tortured the location of the safe house out of SIS Agent Galen. The Power Guards killed several agents, but the arrival of a young Jedi Knight only minutes into the attack saved the lives of the remaining agents, as the Knight dispatched the Power Guards.


"Bring the datapad back to headquarters. My slicers will crack the decryption."

In 3643 BBY,[4] during the Cold War between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire, the Sith Lord Darth Angral declared a personal war against the Republic after the death of his son, Tarnis. Using stolen information on the Republic superweapon initiative, Angral dispatched his apprentices to seize control of several Republic superweapon programs.[6] One of Angral's apprentices, Sadic, was tasked with acquiring the Power Guard Enhancement System, a supersoldier program of adrenal stimulants and cybernetics that was based on the moon Nar Shaddaa.[1] Not long after Sadic's forces successfully located and took control of the project, Agent Galen of the Republic Strategic Information Service—the Republic's intelligence agency—arrived on Nar Shaddaa and attempted to track down the project himself. Galen was soon captured by Sadic, who subjected the operative to the Power Guard process and also tortured him to extract information on the SIS's operations on the moon.[2]

A young Jedi Knight soon arrived on Nar Shaddaa in search of both Galen and the project, and, with the aid of the SIS branch under Bureau Chief Rieekan, the Jedi Knight was able to locate the main Power Guard Cybernetics Lab. After dispatching the Imperials guarding the facility, the Jedi recovered an encrypted datapad that could provide clues as to where Sadic had moved the project, so Rieekan asked the Knight to bring the datapad back to the SIS safe house in the Promenade shopping complex. However, Sadic dispatched a trio of Mark II Power Guards to the safe house, intending to put an end to their meddling in his affairs.[3]

The raid[]

"They knew our passcodes and overrides. Took them only seconds to get down here."

The Power Guards entered Gudnem's Gadget Emporium, the store that the safe house used as a front, and killed the staff before using Galen's passcodes and overrides to access the rear turbolift that led to the safe house. The Power Guards quickly overwhelmed the surprised SIS agents within the safe house, and Rieekan was killed in the firefight. The Jedi Knight arrived minutes after the Power Guards, and, upon finding several Power Guards still in Gudnem's Gadget Emporium, the Knight and a companion cut down the mind-controlled supersoldiers and headed down to the safe house. They were just in time to stop the Power Guards from killing the last of the agents, including Special Agent Korol Tander and Agent Diyaz.[3]


"With Rieekan dead, I'm acting bureau chief. This operation's over. Agent Diyaz, we're leaving now. Sorry, friend, but you're on your own."

With the heavy losses among the SIS staff, Tander wanted to pull out entirely, but the Knight convinced Diyaz to decrypt the datapad anyway, and Diyaz traced the Power Guard project to a Imperial weapons factory in the Lower Industrial Sector.[3] Diyaz planted a tracker on the Knight as the Jedi left to take out the factory, and, though the remaining SIS agents abandoned the safe house, Tander also contacted General Var Suthra, who sent in the special operations unit Blackstar Squad to help destroy the Power Guard project.[2]

The loss of the safe house was a severe blow to SIS operations on the moon, to the point that SIS Director Marcus Trant was notified of the loss, and he used the attack as a cautionary tale a week later when permitting Agent Theron Shan to pursue a mission into Imperial space.[7]

Behind the scenes[]

"Sorry, friend, but I'm in charge here now."
―The Knight, after punching Tander in the face[src]

The attack on the SIS safe house was first mentioned in The Old Republic—The Lost Suns 2, an issue of The Lost Suns comic book miniseries that tied into the then-upcoming video game Star Wars: The Old Republic. The issue was released on July 20, 2011,[7] five months before The Old Republic's release, and the actual attack then appeared in the Jedi Knight-class mission "Striking Back" on Nar Shaddaa in The Old Republic.[3]

After the attack, the player has three options to convince Tander and Diyaz: ask Tander to stay, Force Persuade him, or punch him. Harming Tander results in dark-side alignment points, but as the Jedi Knight is a Republic class and thus assumed to choose those options that reward the player with the maximum light-side alignment points, this article assumes that the player did not attack Tander.


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