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"So you're the one who's going to try to get into the Sith base, eh?"
―Republic technician to Revan[src]

A raid was carried out during the Jedi Civil War by Revan, the former Dark Lord of the Sith, and his companions Bastila Shan and Carth Onasi in 3956 BBY. Infiltrating the Sith Empire's Embassy in Ahto City on the neutral Outer Rim world of Manaan, the team was tasked with retrieving the encrypted data module from within a disabled Republic submersible probe droid.

During the course of the raid, Revan located a number of missing Selkath youth, convinced them to abandon the Sith, and obtained a detailed layout of Darth Malak's plan to conquer the planet. The mission was ultimately a success; however, although the data was retrieved, Revan was put on trial by the Selkath authorities. However, by revealing the plans of the Sith, all charges were dropped and he was freed from their custody.


"It is imperative that we get that data back."
―Roland Wann[src]

Having come to Manaan in search of that world's Star Map, as part of his quest to locate the mysterious Star Forge, the amnesiac Revan and the crew of the Ebon Hawk sought a way to access the floor of the global ocean. Through a vision experienced by Revan and shared with fellow Jedi and companion Bastila Shan, with whom he was bonded, they knew that this was where it could be found. After seeking out the Republic Embassy located within Ahto City, Revan, Shan, and Onasi met with the diplomat in charge of the Galactic Republic's mission there, Roland Wann. Wann, in exchange for his aid, asked that Revan attempt to infiltrate the Sith Empire's Embassy in order to recover the data module of a submersible probe droid before its data could be decrypted. This droid had been damaged by firaxan sharks and, due to subtle pressures being applied to the Selkath government by the Sith, it was subsequently captured by their forces before the Republic could retrieve it.[1]

In addition, Revan had also agreed to seek out several missing Force-sensitive Selkath youth that had gone missing, having been informed of their location by the Iridonian mercenary who had led them there. Among them was Shasa, the daughter of Shaelas, who had offered a reward in exchange for information on her whereabouts.[1]

The invasion[]

Roland Wann offered Revan a number of ways to perform the actual infiltration. Among them included interrogating a captured Sith operative, who had himself attempted to sneak into the Republic Embassy, in order to get access to the facility. Another option was to attempt to decrypt a crate of blank Sith datacards that the Republic had intercepted; doing so would allow one of the cards to be used to open the gates of the Embassy. The last, potentially most dangerous, and coincidentally the most direct route was to use a keycard that had been captured from the Sith spy that would grant access to a heavily-guarded docking bay that housed a transport that would take its riders to the base.[1]

Inside the base[]

The captured probe droid under guard in the Sith Embassy.

Once inside the Embassy, things heated up quickly as the party pressed inward. Revan and his companions were soon confronted by a number of Sith troopers and assault droids, as well as a number of Dark Jedi. Not far within the complex, they found the disassembly room where the recovered probe droid was being taken apart and examined. During the short firefight that followed, the troops and droids guarding it were swiftly overwhelmed and eliminated, allowing Revan to acquire the module. Pressing on, Revan and his comrades encountered yet more Sith troops, droids and Dark Jedi. Using the skills of his companions as well as his own and drawing upon the Force as needed, the party overcame a number of obstacles. These included a malfunctioning series of flow control rooms and a corridor that was filled with blistering-hot steam that led to a computer access terminal. Using this terminal allowed the team to thin the odds even more in their favor by triggering the overloading of barracks electrical conduits and bypassing locked shield walls.[1]

The Selkath youth[]

"I found a young Selkath dying of torture. He gave me this…"
"Shasa, this is the pin I gave Galas when we were children. There is blood on it."
―Revan, presents evidence of Sith duplicity, to Selkath[src]

The trio eventually made their way to the training quarters, where Revan found Galas, a young Selkath, dying after being tortured by the Sith and clutching a small pin. Desperate, the mortally-wounded being thrust the token upon the Jedi, beseeching him to inform Shasa who, along with a number of other Force-sensitive Selkath, was residing in a nearby dormitory. Led by Shasa, the Selkath at first wanted to alert their masters to the presence of intruders. However, Shasa declared that they could not always run to their masters for aid and another apprentice supposed that this must be a test of their abilities. Revan showed Shasa the blood-smeared pin as he attempted to convince her and her friends that the Sith were evil and wished to conquer Manaan for its kolto. With the truth at last revealed to them, the youths left the Embassy, eager to report what was going on to the Ahto City authorities.[1]

Conclusion and capture[]

Confrontation and exfiltration[]

Grann, the Sith base's commander.

"Commander Grann, report to the security desk immediately! You authorized this person to enter? I don't know them, and their identification doesn't match up. They're spies!"
"What?!? Sound the alarm! Droids, destroy them!"
―A Sith security officer informing Gran that Sith forces confronted Revan's unauthorized entry into their Embassy[src]

Revan and his companions went on to confront the Sith Master who had been appointed the head of all Sith activity on Manaan. However, he was forced to slay two more Selkath apprentices, as well as the Master, in order to finish the mission and secure the needed data about the Sith Empire's plans to corrupt Manaan's youth by drawing them into the dark side. After the brief melee that followed, Revan broke into the Master's inner sanctum, cleared out the mines that had been placed there, and acquired the data. Their work finished, the trio of infiltrators then made their way back to the Embassy entrance, encountering and killing Grann, the commander of the Embassy base, along with the guard manning the security checkpoint and a quartet of war droids as they attempted to escape.[1]


"You there! Human! You are placed under the arrest of the Ahto City Civil Authority!"
―Selkath security officer to Revan after leaving the Sith Embassy[src]

This was not the end of their troubles, however, for shortly after exiting the Embassy they were confronted by a member of the Ahto City Civil Authority and a number of war droids, who placed Revan and his companions under arrest for crimes against the peace and the Sith Empire, including the murder of members of the Ambassadorial Commission. In the trial that followed, it was decided to view Revan as the key defendant, however, the court assigned the somewhat under-zealous Bwa'lass to serve as his Arbiter. In his defense, Revan simply showed Bwa'lass the datapad he had secured from the Embassy; during the trial itself he pleaded "not guilty" and presented the information to the judges. In light of the evidence it contained, all charges against Revan and the crew of the Ebon Hawk were dropped, the Sith Empire was banned from Manaan, and their facility in Ahto City was sealed and placed under guard.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Though the actual mission itself does not have a name, it is based on a quest that the player must accept in order to advance the plot, along with at least two optional side quests. The mission itself does have consequences for the player as well as for the course of the war, since the data gathered from the Sith Master, when presented to the Ahto City Court, results in a hefty fine for the Sith Empire, and a more pro-Republic attitude amongst the Selkath leaders.[1]

The mission as stated within this article assumes 100% completion of the game and the canonical light side storyline. For players who choose the dark path throughout the game, there are other possibilities; they can choose to leave the Selkath youth at the Embassy to be indoctrinated with the dark side, ignore them completely, or even kill them. In the trial that follows, if Revan did not obtain the data on the Sith corruption plot, they can attempt to persuade the court to find him not guilty by blaming the Republic delegation. Alternatively, the player may state that the Sith lured him/her to the base under the pretext of diplomatic negotiations, after which (s)he will be released due to insufficient evidence to convict. However, should such attempts fail, Revan will be executed and the game will end.[4]



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