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This raid on the Black Vulkar Base took place as part of the plan to rescue Bastila Shan taken by Republic soldiers Revan and Carth Onasi. The Black Vulkars had stolen a prototype accelerator from the Hidden Beks, which both gangs had planned on using during the Tarisian Season Opener. When Revan met with Gadon Thek about Shan, Thek had told him that he heard news about her being held prisoner by Brejik and that he planned on awarding her to the winner of the races as a personal slave.


While in the undercity of Taris, Revan encountered Mission Vao, who needed help rescuing her friend Zaalbar from the sewers. In return, she promised Revan's entry into the Black Vulkars' base. After being freed from the Gamorreans who captured him, Zaalbar swore a life debt to Revan. With Revan's side of the bargain complete, Mission kept her promise and helped the party enter the base, which meant taking down a full-grown rancor.[1]


Breaking and entering[]

After the death of the rancor, Revan and his party headed towards the base's entry just behind the fallen beast. With Mission's help, they broke into the base. Revan had to navigate his way through it corridors, and fought many Black Vulkar thugs along the way. Revan eventually found the prototype accelerator, which was guarded by several of Brejik's gang members, one of whom being Kandon Ark.[1]

The proposal[]

When Revan asked for the accelerator, Kandon said he'd willingly give it up if joined the Vulkars and turned on Gadon, an offer which Revan refused. Having heard his response, Kandon ordered his men to attack Revan's party, though Revan emerged victorious from the scuffle. Without anyone else to hamper his efforts, Revan took the accelerator and left the base.[1]


With the accelerator in hand, Revan returned it to Gadon Thek, who equipped it to his swoop bike. Gadon also gave Revan the chance to race in the Tarisian Season Opener on the Hidden Beks' behalf. With Bastila's life on the line, Revan accepted Gadon's offer and won the heats. Bastila, locked in a cage and knocked unconscious by a neural disruptor, managed to free herself and stood alongside Revan. Brejik, disappointed of the outcome of the race and now aware of Bastila's status as a Jedi, then ordered the nearby Vulkars to attack Revan and Bastila, who killed them all.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

It is possible to enter the Vulkar Base without having to kill the Rancor by simply walking past it close enough to trigger its AI to back up without allowing it to attack. This article, however, assumes 100% game completion, so it is written with killing the beast in mind.

In the alternate, dark-side, version of the raid Revan raids the base but doesn't kill Kandon, instead he accepts Kandon's request to join the Black Vulkars and kill Gadon, the Black Vulkars then give Revan the prototype accelerator as a reward for killing Gadon and heavily damaging the Hidden Beks, however Brejik finds out Bastila is a Jedi, instead of finding out Revan used the prototype accelator to help the Hidden Beks win, and withdraws her as a prize, leading Revan and Bastila to kill him and his men.

Cut content includes a third level of the Vulkar Base in which the player would have to replace a magnetic power cell to deactivate the turrets guarding the garage. The elevator that led to this area was replaced with an armory, and the player would simply have to deactivate the turrets with a computer terminal or incapacitate them with concussion grenades.



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