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"The Mon Calamari we rescued was in Tarkin's service for some time and has a wealth of information. The name of this Imperial superweapon is the Death Star. We can only assume its purpose follows its name."
Mon Mothma[src]

The Raid over Corulag was a Rebel attack on one of Grand Moff Tarkin's research stations orbiting the planet Corulag.


"The captured pirate has divulged information he's gathered on this superweapon project. Grand Moff Tarkin is overseeing that project personally. We know where Tarkin was conducting research, but we risk a frontal assault on a fortified Imperial station."
―Mon Mothma[src]

During Operation Skyhook, Mon Mothma ordered a further investigation into the nature of the Death Star. Using data already collected, the Rebels discovered that cargo shipments to a research station doing work on the Death Star were being sent from the Vergesso Asteroids. Raymus Antilles personally recruited Han Solo, despite Solo's reluctance, to plant a tracking device and EMP in one of the cargo containers bound for the research station.

The raidEdit

"We've been tracking the cargo container, and the Empire has finally delivered it to the station at Corulag. The EMP device we've planted will be discovered soon, so time is critical. Hurry to Corulag and detonate the device. With the station's defenses taken offline, we can move in and raid the facility for information."
―Mon Mothma[src]

The tracking device revealed the station's location over Corulag, and then triggered the EMP and paralyzed Imperial security forces arround the station, including Imperial starships. While Captain Antilles led a team to attack the stunned defenses, a group of Rebel troopers managed to penetrate the station in RM-09 Alliance shuttles. But the Imperial defenses quickly recovered their ability to fight. Meanwhile, Rebel soldiers were delayed in the station by the Imperial infantry. They eventually managed to recover valuable data, just when the Star Destroyers began to engage the Rebel fleet. The soldiers evacuated the station in their shuttles and jumped hyperspace, the rest of the fleet behind them


"Our friend within the Senate is following her leads as we speak. She may be able to provide us detailed schematics of the Death Star, but will need a reliable captain for some "errands" that may put her at risk."
―Mon Mothma, to Captain Raymus Antilles[src]

From the data collected, the team was able to confirm the name of the project—Death Star—and gain an idea of its destructive capabilities, but with no technical schematics detailed enough to reveal a weakness. Mon Mothma then instructed Leia Organa to begin intensified operations to gather relevant intelligence, and assigned Captain Antilles to her service aboard Tantive IV.

Behind the scenesEdit

This battle was the nineth mission of the Rebel campaign in the 2006 LucasArts computer game Star Wars: Empire at War.

In the mission, Gial Ackbar is rescued in the station by the Rebels. However, this version of the event can not considered canon. A separate, conflicting account of Ackbar's liberation was described in Star Wars: X-Wing and Darksaber, in which Ackbar is rescued during an assassination attempt against Tarkin at Eriadu. This version has been upheld in several Star Wars reference books, including The New Essential Guide to Characters (2002), The New Essential Chronology (2005), and The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia (2008). Also non-canonical is the presence of Han Solo and Chewbacca, an option because they are not removed from play for this mission. The player does not necessarily have to include the duo in the fleet (though they can).

However, The Essential Atlas (2009) lists this raid as one of the events of Operation Skyhook, but without giving more precisions.



Notes and referencesEdit

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