"Take a slice of Nar Shaddaa and drop it on the beach, and you've got Raider's Cove. Don't lean against anything—it might collapse."
Kira Carsen[src]

Raider's Cove was a beach town and trade port on Horizon Island on the planet Rishi. First built by the Nova Blades pirate crew, the town soon became a pirate haven where members of various gangs mingled in relative peace. The southern part of the town was a trade port centered around Bootlegger's Market, while the northern district was more sturdily built—with a thick stone boundary wall and polished buildings—and centered around the Blaster's Path cantina. The Jedi Master Orgus Din grew up in the West Town district, and the trading port was built on supports out over the coast, resulting in slums underneath the port that often flooded in high tide. In addition to pirates, Raider's Cove was also popular as a vacation destination for adventure seekers and treasure hunters.

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