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The Raider-class corvette was a corvette model in service with the starfleet of the Galactic Empire manufactured by Kuat Drive Yards. One Raider II-class, the Corvus, was used by the elite Inferno Squad.


The Raider-class corvette was a sleek and roomy vessel at 150 meters for a sizeable crew and featured 3 engines and a hyperdrive. These ships could be operated with a pilot and a co-pilot and were armed with ion cannons, dual heavy laser cannons, concussion missiles, and turbolasers.[4] The ships also had a small hangar on the starboard side, that could hold at least 2 TIE fighters.[5]


SWZ Epic Battles

The Raider-class corvette Corvus engages with Rebellion forces in the aftermath of the Battle of Endor.

Two Raider-class corvettes were part of an Imperial task force ordered to eliminate insurgents in the Umbara system led by Admiral Carlou Gendling. Gendling's inability to act decisively resulted in the destruction of one corvette and critical damage to the other corvette.[2]

Shortly after the Battle of Yavin,[4] one Raider II-class corvette,[3] the Corvus, was utilized by the elite Inferno Squad, led by Captain Iden Versio[4] and by the time of the Battle of Endor, it was still used by the squad.[5]

During the evacuation of Yavin 4, one corvette was aboard the hangar of an Imperial Star Destroyer. Rebel pilot Evaan Verlaine was assigned to infiltrate the Destroyer and buy time for the evacuation. She took the corvette, which she rammed into the mighty vessel, ejecting at the last moment. The impact was enough to knock the Destroyer off course when it fired, causing the blast to level the top of a nearby mountain. The act bought enough time to finish the evacuation.[7]

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Behind the scenesEdit

Maybe Raider-class in TFA

The supposed Raider-class in Episode VII

The Raider-class corvette was originally created by Fantasy Flight Games to fill a gap in their Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game, which is now classified as legends.[8] The look of the corvette was designed and created by artist Ben Zweifel.[9]

The ship officially returned to canon in the novel Thrawn in 2017. However, a wreckage in The Force Awakens (2015) resembles a Raider-class. When questioned on Twitter, Matt Martin said that while it looked like one, he would be surprised if ILM would have made a model for the ship.[10]



Notes and referencesEdit

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