"Agrirobots require constant maintenance, Jawas don't know a pika fruit from a rainbow berry, and all the local kids are just daydreamers who want to be starfighter pilots."
―Huff Darklighter[src]
Rainbow berries

Nippet, Kneesaa, Wicket, and Wiley carry home baskets full of rainbow berries.

Rainbow berries were a multicolored fruit that grew on the forest moon of Endor. They were used to make rainbow berry pies and Wistie Fest pies.

One year in particular, the Ewoks of Bright Tree Village had a shortage of rainbow berries, but woklings Nippet and Wiley discovered a plethora of berries out in the forest just in time for the Harvest Moon Feast.

Behind the scenesEdit

Rainbow berries were created by author Melinda Luke and illustrator Pat Paris. The title Fuzzy as an Ewok was a "scratch-and-sniff" book that allowed readers to experience the smell of this fruit.



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