Rainbow gems were brilliant treasures that were not actually gems, but silicon-based lifeforms native to the planet Gallinore.

They matured only after thousands of years, and the glow they produced was caused by their inner light. Despite their biologic nature, rainbow gems could be used as lightsaber crystals. Tenel Ka Djo, the Princess of Hapes, had a tiara of rainbow gems worth the price of an entire solar system. She used some of the crystals in her second lightsaber, after her first one malfunctioned and led to the loss of her arm.

The gems, often used in medallions, were considered very valuable, as just one was worth the price of a Calamarian cruiser. Due to their great value and untraceable nature, these gems comprised part of a Huttese bribe to Admiral Winstel Greelanx to purchase the battle plans for his impending assault on Nar Shaddaa. The Huttese bribe of gemstones was delivered by the young Han Solo.



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