"They are the Raining Leaves Clan. Very traditional. Women in charge."
―Tribeless Sha[src]

The Raining Leaves Clan was a clan of Dathomirian Witches living on the planet Dathomir. In 43 ABY, the Raining Leaves merged with the men of the Broken Columns Clan to form the Bright Sun Clan.


The Raining Leaves were a group of traditional witches who lived near Redgill Lake on the planet Dathomir. Espousing a traditional matriarchal society and government which had been discouraged among the tribes since reforms were struck in 8 ABY, the Raining Leaves continued to enslave their male members, much to the disfavor of the men. In 33.5 ABY the male slaves that tended the clan sisters staged an uprising, massacring the clan and leaving two-thirds of its members dead. Among the deceased were all males over the age of ten, as well as the clan's leaders. Following the loss, the Raining Leaves became isolated as they tried to rebuild, speaking to no other clan of the disaster.[1]

During the years that proceeded the disaster, Kaminne Sihn became the chief of the clan while her sister, Olianne, took up the title of war-leader. In order to regain their number and strength, Chief Sihn established an annual conclave with the Broken Columns Clan—a clan that consisted of men, led by the Hapan-born Tasander Dest. A few days before the conclave of 43 ABY, Olianne Sihn encountered Vestara Khai, a Sith apprentice of the Lost Tribe of Sith, during a hunting trip. Khai was on the verge of collapse, having gone through a fight with Jedi Grand Master Luke Skywalker and his son Ben and later escaped. Khai's plight touched Sihn deeply, as she had recently lost her only daughter Sesara to a fever. Sihn began mentoring Khai and soon planned to adopt her.[1]

During the conclave, the two clans fought off attacks by the vicious and violent Nightsisters, surviving the attacks with the help of the Jedi. The conclave saw the successfully merge of both clans with the union of clan leaders Sihn and Dest. Reorganizing both groups into the Bright Sun Clan, a reinvigorated attack by the Nightsisters and their Sith allies promised to spoil the celebration if not for the assistance of the Jedi once more. After the battle on Bright Sun Hill, Olianne Sihn chose to adopt Aradasa Vurse, a child of Halliava Vurse, whom was discovered to be a Nightsister spy among their ranks, while Khai, whose true allegiance to the Sith was discovered, was placed under Jedi custody.[1]


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