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"They struck with cunning and ferocity, cutting down the most experienced Witches during the deepest hour of night. No Witch still in our caves survived that night."
Kaminne Sihn on the massacre[src]

The Raining Leaves Clan massacre occurred sometime in 33 ABY, when a large number of the male slaves of the Raining Leaves Clan, a traditionalist and matriarchal Dathomiri Witch clan, revolted against their masters.

The men struck at night, killing all the Witches in the clan. In one night the Raining Leaves Clan lost all of its most experienced Witches. The only Witches that survived were the ones who were away on errands or out hunting. When the surviving Witches learned of the uprising, they retaliated by using their spells and cutting down all men over the age of ten.


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