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Raithal was a planet in the Colonies, on the Perlemian Trade Route near the border with the Inner Rim.[1]


Galactic Republic[]

Under the Galactic Republic, Raithal produced officers for the Republic Navy.[3] In the final decades of the Republic, there were so many students at the Raithal Academy that applicants had to be turned away. To counter this situation, Corulag Academy was created on Corulag as a branch of Raithal Academy.[4] Gilad Pellaeon lied about his age in order to enter the Raithal Academy.[5]

Galactic Civil War[]

The Raithal Academy, of all the Imperial Army Officer Training Academies, was considered the foremost school. It became renowned for producing the best officers in the Imperial Army.[2]

Following the collision of two Imperial II-class Star Destroyers that were pursuing the Millennium Falcon in the Anoat system, the notorious "Incident at Anoat" became required reading at the Raithal Academy.[6]



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