Rajim Armin was a Zygerrian male that served as the Captain of the Guard and was a close advisor to Prince Sono Molec.


During the Clone Wars, Rajim Armin served as an advisor to Prime Minister Atai Molec while Queen Miraj Scintel was ruling the throne and served in the war council. After Scintel was assassinated by Count Dooku of the Separatist Alliance, Armin Rajim's uncanny ability to read others and his skill as a duelist also made him the ideal bodyguard for the prime minister whom he continued to serve when the prime minister became King.

Captain Armin served as King Molec's eyes and ears during the king's sons' fateful tour on Zygerrian holdings. When the elder heir was killed in a skirmish with Imperials. Armin shared the blame and was relieved of his duties to the throne. However, he was relegated to serve as the younger prince's second-in-command on Kowak, far away from the capital.

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Personality and traitsEdit

Captain Armin is a tall, angular Zygerrian noble of great stature and impeccable breeding. He never strays too far from the prince. standing at attention in perfect military dress. Armin is incredibly smart, terribly insightful, and painfully bored with his station at the prince's side. Despite the monotony of his role and the shame of his demotion, Captain Armin takes great pride in his work, and has always does what is best for the throne.


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