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"Narwotha inside kineesh! Help! Darr tah!"
―A crazed alien, after being driven insane by Rakata technology[src]

Rakata,[1] or Rakatan,[2] was the language spoken by the Rakata. When Revan was seeking the Star Forge the first time, he learned the language by ripping the knowledge from the One, leader of a primitive Rakatan tribe. Upon returning during the quest to destroy the Star Forge, Revan found he still retained his knowledge of the language despite having had his memory wiped by the Jedi Council.[1]

Historians believed that darth was a Rakatan word, derived either from words daritha (emperor) or darr (victory) and tah (death). Combined, the phrase darr tah meant victory over death, immortal, or conquest through the death of one's enemies.[2]

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