"I exist to proclaim the glory of the Builders and the Infinite Empire, by recording the imprisonment of the Esh-kha."
―Rakata Monument hologram.[src]

The Rakata monument was a large statue constructed on the planet Hoth by the Infinite Empire during the height of its rule. This structure was created thousands of years ago by the Rakata to serve as a monument of their victory over the rampaging Esh-kha. It was able to generate a hologram to instruct slaves on the Rakata's achievement with the program based around logic as well as an unending belief that its creators were incapable of being defeated. In addition, it was able to reprogram natives and brainwash them so that they could better serve the overseers of the Infinite Empire.

During the Cold War, the Barsen'thor was informed by the Noetikons of an ancient "sleeping army" that had been banished by the Rakata long ago. This was deemed to be a perfect force for the Jedi in defeating the threat posed by the Children of the Emperor. However, there was no knowledge of where the army was kept imprisoned with only hints of Rakata ruins at Hoth. Thus, the Jedi Consular traveled to the ice world where they fought against Rakatan guardian droids that protected the site. Once destroyed, the Consular discovered a statue of a Rakata frozen in the ice and melted it in order to access the Monument.

Upon being activated, the hologram contained within the Monument reinitalized and activated. When seeing the Jedi Consular, the hologram believed them to be a slave that had been sent by the Rakatan overseers for instruction on the glorious achievement of the Builders. The hologram's programming did not believe any claims that the Rakata were extinct or that their Infinite Empire had fallen. Such statements were claimed to be deviance and the hologram warned that the "slaves" would be punished by the overseer for such words. The proclamation of the hologram stated that the stars led to the world that served as a prison for the Esh-kha. After stating this fact, it began to proceed to its secondary objective of brainwashing any beings nearby to turn them into "slaves" that would better aid the Builders.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Monument appears in the Jedi Consular class quest "Counterpoint" where its fate is decided by the player. The light side choice can lead to its destruction and the dark side choice can see it being told to reprogram only Imperials.


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