Starmap tatooine

The Star Map of Tatooine.

The Rakatan Ruins of Tatooine comprised the remains of a set of structures built by the ancient Rakata during the height of the Infinite Empire. They were located within a cave in the Eastern Dune Sea of the Outer Rim world, within which was contained a Star Map.


Originally constructed during the height of the Infinite Empire by the Rakata and their slaves, they were rediscovered by two Jedi Knights, Revan and Malak, who came there for the Star Map in order to track down the Star Forge. Years later, a canyon krayt dragon made its home in the ruins, and Bastila Shan's father, searching for krayt dragon pearls was killed by the dragon sometime during the Jedi Civil War. At the time of his death, he carried with him a holocron with images of his daughter, Bastila, as a child before she joined the Jedi Order and himself.

Komad Fortuna, a hunter, would later track down the beast and kill it with the assistance of the mindwiped and retrained Jedi Revan. With the bull dragon out of the way, the party was free to acquire data from the Star Map, this time for the Order, as well as Bastila's father's holocron, which was taken back to her mother Helena Shan in Anchorhead.



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