«I am the Overseer. The Builders programmed me to enforce discipline among slaves while this monument to the power of the Star Forge was constructed.»
―A Rakatan guardian droid on Dantooine greeting Revan[src]

The Rakatan guardian droids of Lehon were built by the Rakata during the height of the Infinite Empire.

One such droid was used as an overseer for the construction of the Star Map temple on Dantooine. It was left active in case a Rakata should return to inquire about the Star Forge. As of 3956 BBY, The Infinite Empire, a long forgotten Pre-Republic Galactic Empire, no Rakata had entered the area for twenty-five millennia. However, the droid was still functioning and able to serve the first person that entered, Revan, a testament to the quality of its construction. This droid was nearly 25,000 years of age, older than the Galactic Republic itself.

As overseers of slaves, these droids were programmed with the languages of the Rakata slave species, including Selkath, Tusken, and Rakata, and they could understand (but not speak) Basic. They had significant armor as well as a powerful array of weaponry, and if deactivated, could be fully repaired and reactivated through a computer terminal. During the Battle of Rakata Prime, Darth Malak activated a number of construction units to continuously spawn these droids in order to halt, and hopefully kill, his former master, Revan.



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