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The Rakehell was an Onager-class Star Destroyer in service to the Imperial Navy during the Imperial Era. At one point, it flew alongside two Victory-class Star Destroyers near a red nebula. The Star Destroyer was equipped with engines, two superweapons on its bow,[1] and two deflector shield generator domes.[2]

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The Rakehell was first mentioned in the new Star Wars canon on a card of the same name in the Onager-class Star Destroyer Expansion Pack, a 2020 expansion for the miniatures game Star Wars: Armada by Fantasy Flight Games.[1]

The card was illustrated by JB Casacop, who released the full image on his ArtStation profile, titled as "Black Fleet Rakehell."[3] In the Star Wars Legends continuity, the Sorannan-class Star Destroyer eventually known as the Rakehell originally belonged to the Imperial Black Fleet.[4]

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