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This article is about the ship called Glory by the Yevethans. You may be looking for the Imperial Glory.

The EX-F was an Imperial warship used as a testbed for new gunnery and engine technologies. It was part of the Black Fleet, which was captured by the alien Yevetha towards the end of 4 ABY. Renamed the Glory of Yevetha by them, she was eventually reclaimed by the Imperial Remnant in 17 ABY and renamed the Rakehell, only to be destroyed at the Battle of Anx Minor within the same year.


The EX-F was a ship that served in the Black Fleet.[2] Outfitted for weapons and drive testing before the Battle of Endor, she attracted the attention of Alliance Intelligence. The vessel disappeared from records some time before Endor; she was next reported eight months after the battle, when she was berthed at the Black Fifteen shipyards at N'zoth in the Koornacht Cluster, a facility assigned to Black Sword Command.

Following the Yevethan seizure of the Black Fleet, the EX-F was renamed the Glory, although the Yevetha were unable to understand her engine technology even after twelve years of reverse-engineering. She accordingly missed out on the opening stages of the Yevethan Purge. She was moved afterward to Morning Bell.[4]

In 17 ABY, she was recaptured by the Imperial survivors, who the Yevetha had retained for their technical knowledge, and along with the rest of the Imperial ships in the Black Fleet, she departed Koornacht for the Deep Core, though her crew soon after opted to join the forces of the Imperial Remnant on the Outer Rim.[3] During the Battle of Anx Minor in 17 ABY, the EX-F, known at this time as the Rakehell,[1] was destroyed when her antimatter containment was breached, wiping out several other Star Destroyers in the process.[3]



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