The rakghouls were deformed mutants living in the Undercity of the Outer Rim world of Taris. They plagued the Outcasts—the inhabitants of the Undercity—with their bites, which transmitted rakghoul disease. Individuals infected with this disease would later transform into rakghouls themselves. Although no cure for the disease was available to civilians, Tarisian scientists were able to synthesize a serum shortly before the Sith occupation of the planet in 3,956 BBY.

However, once the occupation was underway, the Sith restricted access to the serum to the Sith troopers sent down to the Undercity sent to look for crashed escape pods. Revan later found a vial of the serum on the body of a dead trooper, and used it to heal several Outcasts infected with the rakghoul disease before giving it to Upper City doctor Zelka Forn. Forn was able to use this sample to produce a serum that he shipped to the Outcasts and sold at a low price to all Tarisians.

Unfortunately, Taris was subjected to an orbital bombardment by the Sith forces of Darth Malak shortly after this event, and the effects of the serum on combating the disease, as well as the fates of the rakghouls and Outcasts, are unknown.


A rakghoul.

Behind the scenes

The transformation procedure as appears in the game presents the patients suddenly surrounded by a white glow, a hissing sound and right afterwards appear as rakghouls. This violates obvious rules of biology (mutations are never instant, and no glows take place ever) therefore what is seen are just game mechanics, such as all Force power visualizations in the game


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