The Rakhuuun system was located in the Mytaranor sector, a part of the Kashyyyk Region in the Slice portion of the Mid Rim. The Randon Run hyperlane connected it to the worlds of Chamble and Kashyyyk. The star system contained the planet Rakhuuun, which was colonized by members of the sentient Wookiee species from nearby Kashyyyk.[1]

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The Rakhuuun system was first mentioned in the 2009 reference book The Essential Atlas, written by Jason Fry and Daniel Wallace. Although the system was placed within grid square P-9 by a map in The Essential Atlas, the book's Appendix section listed it as being located in square Q-10,[1] which was repeated in the Online Companion to the book.[2] This article assumes the visual map placement is erroneous and that Q-10 is the correct square.

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