Rals, also known as stone rays, were a species of cold-blooded reptavian native to Bothawui. They had two arms and two legs, each with three digits. Their elongated third fingers were connected to their body by leathery flaps of skin, which formed wings. The remaining digits were tipped with sharp claws. Their small mouths were filled with needle-like teeth and a razor-like beak. Tooth and claw was not their primary method of attack, however: their tails were tipped by a venomous stinger.

Having slate-gray skin which mimicked the natural patterns of Bothawui's glitterstone, rals were very difficult to spot when lying on rocks. They hunted by sunning themselves on boulders, waiting for small prey animals to appear. When their prey approached, a rals would attack with its stinger. When its target was incapacitated by their poison, a ral would entangle its prey in its wings and bite it to death.

Flying ral

Rals were known for their bite and for their sting.

If threatened by larger animals, including Bothans, rals would repeatedly sting their attacker. While Bothans had limited natural immunity to ral poison, Humans and other species were much less resistant. A ral sting could result in a feverish coma, leading to death within a day. Since rals were so well camouflaged, accidental encounters were not uncommon. Most Bothan households kept an antidote for ral stings on hand.


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