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Ralo was a male Human soldier who served the Galactic Republic as a Sergeant in the Republic Army.


In 3637 BBY,[1] Ralo participated in Darth Marr's Wild Space expedition, serving aboard the fleet's flagship. The task was ambushed by the Eternal Fleet, which launched boarding pods containing skytroopers. While fighting to hold his section, Ralo had a brief encounter with the galactic hero known as the Outlander. Eventually, Ralo was forced to abandon ship as Marr's flagship is destroyed.[2]

At some point after this disastrous battle, Ralo joined Koth Vortena's crew of misfits, eventually taking refuge on the shadowport of Asylum. He would later reunite with the Outlander five years after the Eternal Empire's conquest, when the latter, along with Koth, Lana Beniko, HK-55, and Senya Tirall arrived in the Gravestone. Later on, he joined the crew in storming the Scions' hideout.[3]

When the Eternal Empire later invaded Asylum, Ralo stood by his crewmates as they defended the Gravestone before evacuating.[4]

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Behind the scenesEdit

Ralo is a character in the Digital Expansion Knights of the Fallen Empire for the video game Star Wars: The Old Republic. He first appears in Chapter I: The Hunt.

Gameplay alternativesEdit

In Chapter I: The Hunt, the player must choose whether to save a group of besieged troopers in the hanger, and later must choose whether to issue an evacuation order or ram the Eternal Fleet. Ralo will comment on the player's decisions at these events upon meeting them in Chapter VI: Asylum.

In Chapter X: Anarchy in Paradise, Ralo will leave the Eternal Alliance alongside Len Parvek and Koth Vortena. Note that this event is determined by the player's choices in regard to Koth (i.e., allowing the sun generator to go critical and being complicit in Kaliyo's bombings) and not Ralo.


Notes and referencesEdit

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