"Warmaster: from our scouts. Ralroost and forty other warships have just reverted from darkspace."
"That would be Traest Kre'fey.
―A Yuuzhan Vong battle tactician and Warmaster Nas Choka[src]

The Ralroost was a Bothan Assault Cruiser commissioned at the end of the Galactic Civil War for the defense of Bothawui.


The Bothans commenced the manufacture of Bothan Assault Cruisers in the aftermath of the Bastion Accords, a peace treaty signed in 19 ABY which ended the long-running Galactic Civil War between the New Republic and the Galactic Empire. Although the construction of the Bothan Assault Cruisers in peacetime was a point of controversy, the warships made their way into the New Republic Defense Force. Ralroost was assigned to the command of Bothan Admiral Traest Kre'fey of the New Republic First Fleet,[3] who hand-picked his crew, the majority of whom were members of his own species.[1] By 25 ABY, Kre'fey's command was stationed in the Outer Rim Territories.[3]

During the Yuuzhan Vong War it was Admiral Traest Kre'fey's personal flagship. The vessel carried Rogue Squadron during the initial weeks of the Yuuzhan Vong War, where they scoured the Outer Rim hunting for the Yuuzhan Vong. Its communications officer was Lieutenant Arr'yka and its shield officer was Commander Grai'tvo.

The Ralroost first engaged substantial Yuuzhan Vong forces in the Battle of Ithor, where the planet was destroyed in spite of the fleet's best efforts. The ship also participated in the Battle of Coruscant, as the flagship of Fleet Group One. After the fleets scattered, the Ralroost went to Kashyyyk, where it and the ships that accompanied it staged raids from Duro to Ylesia to weaken the Yuuzhan Vong and train New Republic forces.

After three months of conducting such raids, the Ralroost headed to Treskov 115-W, a main-sequence star in the Deep Core, to prepare for an ambush of the Yuuzhan Vong fleet. For several weeks they trained and built up their defenses in the system, until they were attacked by an enormous Yuuzhan Vong force. The ambush was successful, destroying nearly a third of the Yuuzhan Vong fleet deployed, and the Ralroost went back to Kashyyyk.

The path to Coruscant[]

"General Antilles. On your say–so I'm prepared to move Ralroost and elements of the First Fleet to Corulag."
―Traest Kre'fey, to Wedge Antilles[src]

The Ralroost remained on station over Contruum Six with the rest of the Galactic Alliance Defense Fleet. The war room of Kre'fey's flagship was once again a meeting point for the military commanders who would be coordinating the strike on Coruscant. Several briefings were held before a final discussion was held 72 hours before the planned assault, at which Sovv; Brand; Bel Iblis; Antilles; Farlander; Pellaeon and other military figures were present. Chief of State Omas and several of his advisers communicated via hologram. Once several Jedi Masters, including the Skywalkers, Kenth Hamner, Cilghal and Madurrin arrived, the meeting commenced. While Kre'fey, Sovv and other military leaders were eager to press the attack on Coruscant, the Jedi urged caution, believing that the presence of Zonama Sekot in the Coruscant system along with the heretical uprising playing out on the capital's surface could bring about the defeat of Shimrra without the need for a fullscale battle. The military approach was prioritized, with the Jedi agreeing to use Zonama Sekot as a diversion for Warmaster Nas Choka's fleet. Elements of the Defense Fleet began moving out. For the time being, the Ralroost remained on station over Contruum 6.[4]

Generals Antilles, Farlander, Bel-Iblis and Celchu was dispatched to recapture Corulag, which would allow the Defense Fleet a platform from which the assault on Coruscant could be launched. Kre'fey waited on Antilles' signal that Corulag was secure before moving Ralroost and elements of the First Fleet to the system. Contacting Antilles, Kre'fey informed the Human general that he had one hour to secure Corulag, as he feared that Nas Choka might strike at the Contruum staging point. To prevent the plan from falling apart, Kre'fey moved elements of Third and Fourth Fleets toward the Coruscant on different approaches, while ordering Antilles and his fellow generals to travel to Muscave, one of the outer worlds of the Coruscant system. In the following hours, the massed Contruum fleet separated as Kre'fey's orders were carried out. While Antilles formed a line at Muscave, Pellaeon and the Fourth Fleet led the attack on the Yuuzhan Vong defense fleet arrayed over Coruscant.[4]

Return to Coruscant[]

"Order all vessels to converge on Ralroost."
―Nas Choka[src]

Ralroost, grouped with forty other warships, emerged in the Coruscant system in between Muscave and Coruscant. The bulk of Nas Choka's armada was arrayed at Muscave combatting the forces of Antilles and Farlander, while simultaneously launching attacks on Zonama Sekot. On Ralroost's arrival, Kre'fey formed up his battle group and advanced rapidly on Coruscant to reinforce the Third and Fourth Fleets. Seated in his command chair on the bridge of the Bothan Assault Cruiser, Kre'fey reflected on the battle, which was fiercely fought both at Muscave and Coruscant. Despite the reported death of Supreme Overlord Shimrra, the fighting showed no signs of abating. While Kre'fey was pondering whether to retreat the Galactic Alliance Defense Fleet or press the attack despite the losses he would incur, the captain of Ralroost reported that Nas Choka's personal battle group had entered hyperspace and were expected to emerge imminently over Coruscant.[4]

Ralroost remained in the thick of battle; once Nas Choka's flotilla arrived, however, the situation became more complicated. Supreme Overlord Shimrra's personal warship entered orbit and began moving toward Choka's battle group. As it did so, Ralroost suddenly became the target of Choka's entire flotilla. All of the warmaster's warships converged on the Bothan Assault Cruiser and subjected it to a punishing assault. Ralroost sustained significant damage, losing much maneuverability. When Shimrra's warship suddenly detonated in a fiery explosion, however, the Yuuzhan Vong surrender soon followed. The assault on Ralroost ceased—the Bothan Assault Cruiser had fought on the frontlines of the Yuuzhan Vong War since its commencement, and had survived the four years of conflict.[4]

Commanders and crew[]

"On Kre'fey's heels, then?"
"Place his vessel in our sights.
―A Yuuzhan Vong battle tactician and Nas Choka[src]

Ralroost operated as the flagship of Admiral Traest Kre'fey, a Bothan who had entered one of his species' less prestigious military academies and received a more open-minded education in consequence. Kre'fey's rise through the ranks of the New Republic military was rapid, in part due to the resignation of several senior Bothan military figures following the political debacle that was the Caamas Document Crisis.[3]



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