"This is Ram. Ram Zerimar. He's our star sniper. For those delicate jobs."
Goran Beviin[src]

Ram Zerimar was a male Human Mandalorian sniper during the time of Boba Fett's stint as Mandalore c. 40 ABY.


Ram Zerimar wore gray Mandalorian armor, with golden markings on the right half of his armor, and a small, charcoal handprint of his baby adorned his helmet. He favored a Verpine shatter gun.

He accompanied Goran Beviin along with other Mandalorian commandos to meet Fett at Zerria's Bar on Drall to discuss whether to accept Thrackan Sal-Solo's commission to fight for the Corellians and defend Centerpoint Station from the Galactic Alliance while it was being repaired. Zerimar decided—just like the others—it was best not to get involved.

Zerimar later accompanied Fett and several other Mandalorians when Fett was hired as backup by Admiral Daala during the Second Battle of Fondor. When they stormed Bloodfin in order to take down the Imperial Moffs, Ram formed the backup in a Tra'kad, together with Ghes Orade.

Behind the scenesEdit


Ramirez at Celebration IV

The character Ram Zerimar is based on Raymond Ramirez (surname anagram to Zerimar, and "ram" is the first syllable in "Ramirez"), an American soldier (a sniper) with a special connection to Star Wars and Karen Traviss. His blog Mando'ade and their toys was featured on [1]. Ramirez wrote into Star Wars Insider praising Traviss's writing in Republic Commando: Hard Contact, and was thanked for his advice in the acknowledgments in Republic Commando: Triple Zero, Republic Commando: True Colors and Legacy of the Force: Revelation. Revelation was also dedicated to him.

Ramirez is also the man behind the Verpine sniper rifle and the Tra'kad (as mentioned in the acknowledgments of Revelation). He custom-built a helmet of Kal Skirata for Traviss, as well as the Verpine sniper rifle, which is his design.



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