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Ramil was a Serennian male, a son of Count Gora and Countess Anya of Serenno, and a brother of Dooku and Jenza. At one point, Ramil was grievously injured during racing competition he participated in, only saved by timely intervention of his brother, the Jedi Master Dooku, but was forced to wear a life-preserving suit of armor as a result of the incident. Eventually, Ramil became the Count of Serenno, succeeding his father Gora, hoping he could turn the people against the Galactic Republic through manipulation with the help of a group of Abyssin pirates that he hired. However, his efforts to do so failed when he battled against his brother, and was defeated and killed aboard his ship by Dooku, who replaced him as the Count of Serenno and head of its ruling house, House Serenno.[1]

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