"We have a proposition to put forth to you, honored offworlder. It is a most agreeable proposal, we assure you... unless, of course, you have an unfortunate aversion to dying!"
―Ramiz, to Han Solo[2]

Ramiz was a male Human farmer who lived on the Outer Rim planet Aduba-3 during the era of the Galactic Civil War. A native of the village of Onacra, Ramiz's livelihood was threatened when the criminal thug Serji-X Arrogantus and his Cloud-Riders gang descended upon Onacra to demand tribute every year. In 0 ABY, his village had enough, and Ramiz ventured to the spaceport of Tun Aduban to find a protector for his home. His call was answered by Rebel hero Han Solo, who formed the Star-Hoppers of Aduba-3 in response to fight the Cloud-Riders.


"You must help us, masters... or our village will soon cease to be!"
―Ramiz, to Han Solo[1]

A Human native of the Outer Rim world of Aduba-3, Ramiz lived his life as a farmer in the village of Onacra in one of Aduba-3's poorer regions. Like the others in his village, Ramiz subsisted off what meager crops he could grow, along with raising banthas for food and transportation. Ramiz's village was tormented by raiders and bandits preying on the region's struggling farmers. The worst of these were the Cloud-Riders, a vicious gang[1] led by former pro swoop racer[3] Serji-X Arrogantus. The Cloud-Riders would descend upon Onacra once a year to demand tribute, wreaking havoc if they did not like the return: burning Onacra's crops, stampeding their banthas, and carrying off their wives and daughters.[1]

In 0 ABY, the people of Onacra finally had enough. Representing his hometown, Ramiz traveled with two others from his village to the spaceport of Tun Aduban, looking for someone to help take on the Cloud-Riders. Ramiz found his man in Locru's Central Saloon: Han Solo, the smuggler and Rebel hero who had stopped on Aduba-3 after contributing to the famous Rebel victory in the Battle of Yavin. Although Ramiz's initial entreaties were interrupted by Solo's involvement in a massive bar brawl, the villager finally got the opportunity to explain his plight, offering food and shelter if the offworlder helped. Solo accepted the job and gathered up a posse, forming the makeshift militia known as the Star-Hoppers of Aduba-3 to defend Onacra.[1]

Personality and traits[]

"My name is Ramiz, and I was selected with the others to find... I do not know quite how to say it... a champion... a protector, so to speak!"
―Ramiz, to Han Solo[1]

A simple man from Aduba-3, Ramiz wanted nothing more than to be able to live peacefully in his village and tend his crops—an existence that he referred to as a "lowly" one. However, the attacks of Serji-X Arrogantus and his Cloud-Riders put that life in jeopardy, filling him with fear and revulsion at the former swoop racer and his gang. Although Ramiz was unable to defend Onacra himself, by 0 ABY he was desperate enough to take matters into his own hands. When enlisting Han Solo to help defend his village in Tun Aduban, Ramiz subordinated himself to the smuggler, repeatedly calling him "master" and begging him to come to his village's aid. Ramiz had light skin, and by that time had gray hair.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Ramiz original appearance

Ramiz and companions in their original appearance

The character Ramiz first appeared in Star Wars (1977) 7, written by Roy Thomas and Howard Chaykin and released in 1977.[2] Although he went unnamed in her first appearance, his name was given in the next issue, Star Wars (1977) 8.[1] Ramiz and his two companions changed appearances significantly between the two issues, despite no appearance of time passing. In Star Wars 7 they had straight black hair in bowl cuts, clean-shaven faces, and green robes with red trim. In Star Wars (1977) 8 their robes became white, while Ramiz suddenly gained stubble and short, blond, wavy hair, and wore a helmet with goggles.[1]



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