Rampa II, or simply Rampa, was a planet in the Rampa system of the Corporate Sector.


Rampa II was an industrialized planet with a ruined ecosystem and undrinkable water. The people depended on synthetic nutrients and whatever water smugglers could bring to their world.


A few year before the Galactic Civil War, the populace of Rampa II rebelled against the Empire, attacking the local Imperial outpost. The planet was then subjugated very violently by Imperial forces.[2]

Tiv "Poke" Pocarno, gunrunner and owner of the Broken 'Spanner, attempted to raise funds to pay his debt to Torel Vorne with a smuggling run off Rampa. Pocarno failed and then faced Vorne's wrath.[3]

Han Solo, Chewbacca and Reck Desh once transported R'alla mineral water into Rampa.[4]

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The Essential Atlas created a Rampa Minor system to indicate that Rampa I and Rampa II are not in the same system.

Rampa II is incorrectly designated as Rampa III in The Essential Atlas.



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