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"A rampaging adolescent rancor is not the distraction I was anticipating."
―Tech, to Clone Force 99[4]

"Rampage" is the fifth episode of the animated web-TV series Star Wars: The Bad Batch. The episode was released on May 28, 2021, on Disney+.

Official description[]

The Batch strike a deal to take on a mission.

Plot summary[]

Seeking Cid[]

While the Marauder travels through hyperspace, Tech gives Omega Crosshair's former comlink. Omega toys with it, but Echo tells her it is not a toy. When Omega asks why they are going to Ord Mantell since their plan was to stay low, Hunter explains that they need to find out why a bounty hunter is after her. Echo says he knows an informant named Cid who might be able to help. Wrecker asks if they can trust Scaleback, prompting Echo to reply that the Jedi trusted Scaleback. Tech counters that the Jedi are dead, prompting Echo to ask if anyone has a better option. Omega backs Echo up while speaking through her comm device. She then apologizes that it is not a toy.


Clone Force 99 visits Ciddarin Scaleback on Ord Mantell.

The Bad Batch land their ship at an underground hangar in Ord Mantell City. Later, the Bad Batch travel with Omega through the streets of Ord Mantell. Omega repeats her lesson not to trust anyone and to use her comm to call the rest of the squad if she gets into trouble. Echo leads them down a rundown alley to a subterranean cantina, which is frequented by a few aliens. Echo tells the rest that he has never met Scaleback personally but only heard of them. Tech says he should have shared the information earlier. Hunter approaches a green Trandoshan, telling her that he is looking for Scaleback.

The Trandoshan is evasive, prompting Hunter to ask about an Ithorian and a Weequay who are fighting in the corner. The Trandoshan reiterates that he is in the wrong place. She tells him to leave unless he is here to spend money. Wrecker grumbles about Echo's plan but Echo says that the Jedi came here during the war. Tech speculates that Scaleback heard about what happened to the Jedi and fled or that he was arrested for violating countless health code regulations. Omega approaches the Trandoshan and deduces that she is Scaleback, prompting the Trandoshan to say that she is sharper than her friends.

Hunter asks Echo if the Jedi had other informants. Echo confirms they had several but that Scaleback was the only he knew how to find. Wrecker asks if they came here for nothing. Omega tells the Bad Batch that she found Scaleback while pointing to the Trandoshan bartender.

Bargaining with Cid[]

Scaleback leads the clones to a secret storeroom filled with various devices. She tells them that the Jedi valued her insights but now that they are all dead, the demand for their services has dropped due to the new Empire. Hunter replies that the times have changed. Scaleback remarks that she has never had clone deserters come to her before. Tech says they separated due to a fundamental difference in ideology. Scaleback doesn't care about ideology and tells the clones to get to business.

Echo sticks his cybernetic tool arm into Scaleback's terminal, prompting Scaleback to ironically tell the clones to make themselves feel at home. Hunter shows Scaleback a hologram of the mysterious bounty hunter they had encountered on Pantora. Scaleback doesn't know who the bounty hunter is but recognizes that the figure is a bounty hunter. Echo asks if she can find out who hired her. Scaleback replies that depends on what the clones can do for her. When the Clones give a shocked expression, Scaleback chides them for their naivety, telling them that they pull a job for her in return for her giving the information they want. She adds this is how mercenaries work. Scaleback notices that the clones are not used to being mercenaries and quips that Omega is the "brains" of their operations.

Scaleback explains that she needs the clones to mission a kid named Muchi. According to Scaleback's sources, Muchi was taken by Zygerrian slavers who are holed up on the other side of Ord Mantell. Scaleback tells them to bring her the kid in return for the intel. When Wrecker asks who gets the money, Scaleback tells the clones that they split the bounty 70-30 in her favor. She tells them to take it or leave it. Wrecker is excited about taking on Zygerrian slave traders, prompting Scaleback to say that they have a deal. She throws Hunter an intel stick, telling him that it contains all the details.

Later, the Bad Batch travel on the Marauder to the other side of Ord Mantell. During the flight, Wrecker groans in pain. Hunter checks on him but Wrecker says it is nothing before patting his head. Consulting the data from the intel stick, Tech says that the Zygerrian slave traders are hiding in the ruins of Old Ord Mantell City. When Omega asks what is a slave trader, Tech replies that it is someone who buys and sells people for credits. Omega is surprised that people can be sold. Echo explains that they don't have a choice and are captives who are treated like property. Omega says that doesn't seem right. Echo agrees and says that they are not going to let it happen to that kid. Tech adds that they can earn a decent amount of credits once the job is complete. Omega vows to rescue Muchi.

The rescue attempt[]


The Bad Batch survey the ruins of the city.

The Marauder draws up its wings as it land against the backdrop of a mountain rage. The clones survey the ruins of Old Ord Mantell City. Using macrobinoculars, they observe several slaves including a green Falleen child under armed guard. Tech spots two dozen sentries and multiple entry points with minor fortifications. Wrecker asks if it is a "smash and grab" mission like the one on Kuat. Omega says she is in and asks what are they waiting for. Hunter orders her to go back to the ship before the clones leave. A sulking Omega folds her arms.

The clones navigate over the rocky terrain towards the compound. Hunter tasks Echo with acting as the eyes in the sky and tasks Wrecker with drawing the Zygerrian forces out. Hunter says that he and Tech will grab the kid. Echo climbs onto the ruins of a building and relays information about two roving speeders to the rest of the group. Echo senses movement just as the group are attacked by a large serpentine brezak. The Clones are soon captured in an electric net by the Zygerrians.

Meanwhile, Bib Fortuna contacts Scaleback to inquire about the delay, saying that his master is becoming impatient. Scaleback responds that a mission of this nature requires planning. She tells Fortuna to reassure his employer that he will be reunited with Muchi soon. Fortuna issues a threat in Huttese, prompting Scaleback to say there is no need for threats. Scaleback reassures him that she has her best people on it.

Omega to the rescue[]

Back on the Havor Marauder, Gonky the droid approaches Omega, who is making some alterations to her trooper doll. She asks the droid what he thinks. Just then, she overhears Zygerrian voices saying they have found their ship. Omega tells Gonky to hide. While the droids shuts down, she hides behind a seat in the cockpit. A Zygerrian taps Gonky on the head with his blaster. When he approaches the cockpit, Omega escapes through a trapdoor that takes her out of the ship. Omega hides behind a boulder as the Zygerrian guards radio their boss that the ship is empty. They then depart on their speeder bikes.

Once the Zygerrians have left, Omega radios the Bad Batch on her comlink but receives no reply. She goes to the edge of the settlement. Using a pair of macrobinoculars, she discovers that the other clones have been captured and restrained in electromagnetic restraints. Wrecker manages to loosen his chains only to be shocked by a guard. Echo is electrocuted by another guard. The brezak flies around the Zygerrian leader's tower, letting out a fierce roar.

The Falleen girl starts to cry, prompting Wrecker to try and comfort her by claiming they are the cavalry. Tech replies this is not a standard military operation and that they lack experience rescuing children from slavery. Hunter says that they need to signal Omega before she is captured. Echo points out that their comms are over their with their weapons. Tech spots Omega on top of a building and informs the other clones they don't need a comm to reach her. Omega waves down to them before pointing to a bunch of cables connecting two buildings.

The Zygerrian slavers' leader Raney inspects the captured clones, hoping to sell the four strong prisoners for a good price. Echo protests that the Galactic Republic outlawed slavery. Raney counters that they are not in the Republic anymore. Meanwhile, Omega scuttles across the cables. To distract the Zygerrians, Echo tells Raney that he is lucky that they don't have their weapons since things would go very differently for them. Omega spies the Bad Batch's armor and equipment below.

However, while climbing down a pillar, Omega knocks her foot into a rock, creating a noise and drawing attention to her location. When Raney goes to investigate, Wrecker distracts the Zygerrians by kicking a stone of his own into the path of a guard, knocking him to the ground. Another guard beats Wrecker with his electro-whip. Raney thinks they can make do with one less slave and toys with feeding Wrecker to his brezak, which roars menacingly. While Raney talks about returning to Kadavo to rebuild what was taken from them and flourishing under the Galactic Empire, Omega descends down a stony green tower and leaps onto a large roof with air holes above it.

The rancor's rampage[]

Peering inside, she sees a large caged animal. Omega manages to unlock the cage but is grabbed by a Zygerrian guard, who brings her before Raney. Omega says that she was not sneaking but was unlocking, presenting the bolt. The Zygerrian guards attempt to secure the cage but are no match for the rancor inside, which easily bursts through the gate. The rancor lifts up a huge boulder and throws it at the slavers.

The clones take advantage of the rancor's rampage to break free of their chains. They also rip of their neck braces as well. Raney whistles for his brezak to join the skirmish while the clones free the other captives. Omega approaches the Falleen girl whom she believes to be Muchi, saying they are hear to take her home. Her father, speaking in Falleen tells her that the rancor is Muchi. The rancor hurls one of the guards into the air before fleeing, knocking another Zygerrian off his speeder bike.

Hunter tells the clones that they need to capture Muchi in order to get their intel from Scaleback. When Omega asks about the other three slaves, Echo says that he and Omega will get them to safety while the other clones find Muchi. Hunter tells them to go for the speakers at the south entrance. While Omega and Echo lead the liberated slaves to safety, Hunter leads the other clones to Muchi, who is fighting several Zygerrian guards. She tosses the guards aside. Another guard fires a Zygerrian energy bow at Muchi from a tower. Muchi leaps at the guard, causing him to fall from the tower.

The Bad Batch converge on Muchi but Raney descends on the clones with his brezak, scattering them. Muchi charges at Raney and his brezak but the dragonlike creature hurls the rancor aside with its long tail. As Muchi whimpers, Raney prepares to whip him but Hunter throws him to the ground. The rancor takes the opportunity to flee with the brezak in pursuit. Raney confronts Hunter, vowing that he will pay for this. Hunter sends Tech and Wrecker after the rancor. Hunter takes on Raney with his vibro-knife but Raney wraps his electrowhip around Hunter's right arm, causing Hunter to drop his knife.

Hunter manages to push Raney aside and kick him to the ground. Meanwhile, Echo and Omega take shelter behind rocks from the Zygerrian guards. Echo takes the guards out with his blaster and leads the slaves and Omega towards the speeders. Omega retrieves a Zygerrian energy bow.

Taming Muchi[]

Meanwhile, the brezak pursues Muchi through the ruins. The brezak whips Muchi with its tail but Muchi grabs onto it with her arms and bites it. She flips the reptavian beast up and down before jumping on it. The defeated brezak flies away. Wrecker and Tech show up. When Wrecker asks if he has any ideas how to stop that "thing," Tech explains that rancors adhere to social hierarchies and that you have to challenge the alpha for authority.

Muchi charges at them and Wrecker meets. She quickly gains the upper hand and throws Wrecker onto some rocks. Wrecker throws a boulder and then jumps onto her back. Meanwhile, the liberated slaves depart on a pair of speeder bikes. Echo and Omega return to the others. The clones gather as Wrecker and Muchi fight for dominance. Finally, Muchi drops from exhaustion and Wrecker pats her to sleep. Omega comments that Muchi is cute up close while Hunter compliments Wrecker.

Later, Bib Fortuna visits Scaleback with two Gamorrean enforcers. Scaleback remarks that she is the presence of Jabba's right hand man. Fortuna says that Jabba demands answers about his "precious" Muchi. Scaleback tells Bib to relax because she always keeps her promises. When Fortuna warns her about the consequences of failure, Scaleback tells Fortuna that this is a delicate mission and to tell Jabba to be patient.

Just then, they hear Muchi roaring in the background. Outside, Omega rides on Muchi's back while Wrecker strokes her muzzle. Fortuna rushes out to greet Muchi. Scaleback joins them and reassures Fortuna that all is well. As Fortuna leads Muchi home, the rancor bids the clones farewell. Echo tells Scaleback that she could have told them they were dealing with a rancor. Scaleback claims that it slipped her mind and ushers Hunter into her office.

No longer nameless[]

Inside, Scaleback reveals to Hunter that the bounty hunter they encountered was Fennec Shand, explaining that she is new to the scene but has already proven herself to be ruthless and cunning. When Hunter asks who hired her, Scaleback says that her sources in the Bounty Hunters' Guild says that she is working on a direct commission. Scaleback warns Hunter that he will need friends and money, emphasizing the latter. Hunter admits they are not swimming in either. She then gives Hunter's share of the cut, telling him that more credits are available if he is looking for work. Hunter replies that he will think about it.

Scaleback remarks that they must be valuable for a hunter of Shand's caliber to be pursuing them. When Hunter frowns, Scaleback says she is good with secrets, prompting Hunter to scowl.


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