Ramset (nicknamed "Ramsy" by students) was an elderly Duros man who coached the Junior Academy of Applied Sciences' grav-ball team, the AppSci SaberCats. He lived in the Capital City of Lothal, an Outer Rim planet that was part of the Galactic Empire. Coach Ramset was known for his conservative tactics and strategies. He had a good relationship with Zare Leonis, a young Human teenager who served as the center striker of the AppSci SaberCats about five years before the Battle of Yavin. When Zare encountered harassment from the school's athletic director Janus Fhurek, Ramset encouraged him to persevere by reminding Zare that he was a champion.


Ramset coached the AppSci SaberCats several years before the Battle of Yavin. At the beginning of the school year, Ramset named Zare Leonis, a recent human migrant, as the center-striker of the SaberCats. Throughout the grav-ball season, Ramset managed the team and guided his players by devising strategies. Under Ramset's management and Leonis' leadership, the SaberCats scored several victories against rival school teams.Over the course of the year, Ramset and Leonis discussed strategies and play-calling.[1]

During an early match against the West Cap City Carvers, Ramset advised the SaberCats to dig deep so that Merei would be able to deliver a kick-score. This helped break the deadlock in the match and enabled the SaberCats to beat the rival team by two points; 38 to the Carvers' 36 points. The SaberCats experienced a setback during their fifth match against the East City Brawlers when the fullback player Beck Ollet lost his temper and assaulted one of the Brawlers; causing them to lose a goal. With Ollet ejected from the game, Ramset had to send a replacement fullback.[1]

During the winter season, Ramset pumped his fists in delight when the SaberCats beat the South Capital City Volunteers by twelve points. Though the Aqualish fullback player Hench Sina played an important part in delivering this victory, Junior AppSci's xenophobic athletic director Janus Fhurek refused to give him due credit. Later, he informed Coach Ramset and Leonis that Hench and a Rodian player named Frid Kelio had to go since their alien physiognomies gave them an unfair advantage. While Ramset was distressed by Fhurek's order, he was unwilling to challenge the athletic director due to his connections to the Academy for Young Imperials. Nevertheless, he let Leonis make the decision on that matter.[1]

Leonis refused to remove Hench and Frid and kept them on his team. In response, Fhurek transferred the two alien players to the Technical Institute for Agricultural Research to prevent them from competing in the final tournament. After Leonis and his girlfriend Merei Spanjaf discovered that Fhurek had made a bet that the SaberCats would win the final grav-ball tournament by eight points without alien help, Leonis carefully guided the team to victory over the Kothal Roughnecks by six points. In retaliation, Fhurek issued Leonis with demerits for trivial misdemeanors.[1]

When Leonis confronted the coach, Ramset conceded that Fhurek had ordered him to issue these demerits. Since Ramset was coaching the Chin-bret and track and field teams in the spring term, Leonis attempted to join one of these events. However, Ramset regretfully informed him that these teams were full. Leonis quickly deduced that Fhurek was making life difficult for him. Before Leonis left the room, Ramset gave comfort to the grav-ball player by urging him to remember that he was a champion.[1]

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While Coach Ramset was an effective coach, his conservative play-calling methods annoyed Leonis and Merei Spanjaf, two recent migrants from the Core Worlds whose style of playing grav-ball differed from the way it was played on Lothal. However, the two respected him enough not to defy his leadership. As a Duros, Ramset was greatly distressed when the Junior AppSci's xenophobic athletic director Fhurek advocated the removal of the SaberCat's two alien players Hench and Frid on the grounds that certain grav-ball fans thought that their alien physiognomies gave them an unfair advantage. However, he was unwilling to risk losing his job by challenging the well-connected athletic director. Besides coaching the school's grav ball team, Ramset also coached the Chin-bret and track and field teams.[1]


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