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"Our true king has been silenced."
―Saw Gerrera[src]

Ramsis Dendup, formally stylized as His Royal Majesty King Ramsis Dendup, was a Human male who served as the true king of the planet Onderon during the Clone Wars.


Young Ramsis

King Dendup in his younger years

A member of the royal family, Ramsis Dendup was born of Human parents on Onderon, a planet located in the Inner Rim region of the galaxy. At some point in his youth, Dendup ascended to the position of king. In 22 BBY, a political crisis that had been plaguing the galaxy for a decade degenerated into an open conflict known as the Clone Wars. While normally allied with the Republic, King Dendup believed in not entering the war. He regarded both sides as inherently corrupt and thought the best course of action for Onderon would be to remain unaligned. Yet at the beginning of the war, Dendup was overthrown by Sanjay Rash, who allied Onderon with the Separatists. Rash was not really the true king, but a puppet to the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Saw Gerrera, a loyal follower of Dendup, would not tolerate Rash's Separatist-backed regime, which prompted him to join the Onderon rebels. Following a fierce but costly battle, the Separatists retreated after killing Rash and Dendup was restored as the true king. However, his reascention came at a great cost: Steela Gererra, the rebel leader, was killed while trying to protect him, despite the efforts of Padawan Ahsoka Tano to save her. Dendup repaid her sacrifice with a public announcement and funeral, stating that her death would be remembered as the day Onderon became free again.

Personality and traitsEdit

Ramsis Dendup was a patriotic Onderonian who fought to liberate his people during the Separatist invasion of Onderon.



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