Felucia was home to an ancient rancor graveyard, a site primarily where the innumerable remains of rancors were gathered together in one location—although the skeletons of other creatures were also present. Situated toward the center of the graveyard was an enclosure made entirely of bones. A structure within the enclosure was the dwelling of Maris Brood, a Zabrak former Padawan who fell to the Dark side of the Force and took up residence there following the death of her former Jedi master, Shaak Ti. The interior of the structure was a maze of passages and irregularly shaped rooms, in one of which Bail Organa was imprisoned by Brood following his search for Shaak Ti.

Galen Marek encountered the rancor graveyard on Felucia during his second visit to the jungle world in search of Organa—held here during the Felucian genocide by Brood, who had taken control of the Force-sensitive Jungle Felucian tribes.

Maris Brood's residence was either damaged or destroyed by her pet bull rancor during the ensuing confrontation between her and Marek, and later when Felucian scavengers and a herd of rancors fought over the bull rancor's carcass. The ground around the area was seemingly unstable; when Marek fought the bull rancor at the graveyard, he used the Force to pick up and drop the rancor, causing the ground to collapse opening into a large subterranean chamber.


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