"Rane Mahal, I presume…"
"Expecting someone else?"
―Han Solo and Rane Mahal[src]

Rane Mahal was a female pirate referred to as a pirate queen. At some point, Mahal and her crew became stranded on Sakreen, so she sent out several NP-unit servo-droids, tricking others into believing that one held the location of Mahal's lost treasure. In reality, the droid would lead whoever found it to Sakreen so that Mahal and her crew could steal their starship and escape the world. Captain Gwarm and his pirate gang attempted to find the supposed treasure, with one of their crewmembers, Makkeer, tricking the smuggler Han Solo into uncovering the false droids for him. Solo eventually found the correct droid, and was followed to Sakreen by Gwarm's gang. Upon their arrival, Mahal and her crew emerged from the pods they had waited in, capturing Gwarm's gang and stealing their ship, the Hand of Am-Shak. As Mahal attempted to leave, Solo used an ion scrambler to disable the Hand of Am-Shak, leaving both Mahal's and Gwarm's crews stranded.[1]

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